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What and Where lớn Eat in Bangkok

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It’s no secret that Bangkok is one of the biggest foodie destinations in the world. But with so many options to lớn choose from – how vì chưng you knowexactlyWhat and Where to Eat in Bangkok?That’s why we enlisted the help of some of our favourite travel bloggers khổng lồ help out. People that have been there, tried that, & know what và where khổng lồ eat. So let us help you out with one less thing to worry about on your next vacation lớn Thailand….we’ve got you sorted for food in Bangkok!

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PLEASE NOTE – Some street food cart style vendors may have been shut down or moved location due to lớn the government crackdown on Street food.

Mango Sticky Rice – Yenly Yours

Shandos – Travelnuity


Mango và sticky rice makes the most delectable flavor combination. When in Bangkok, I find it so hard to resist, if I see street vendors selling it. No matter if it is dinner time or just time for a mid-afternoon sweet snaông chồng. But outside of the mango season (April lớn May), it’s not as easy lớn find.

Luckily then, there are permanent mango dessert stores to lớn be found inside many of Bangkok’s mega malls, including my favorite, Yenly Yours. Yenly Yours has multiple locations, including the conveniently central shopping centers of MBK Center, Centralworld & Siam Center. The air conditioning is also a welcome relief from the Vương Quốc của nụ cười heat.

If you’re feeling greedy, or are sharing with a friover, I recommend lashing all out with the Yenly Yours Mango Treasure. It’s a huge serving of mango sticky rice topped with mango ice cream và topping, for 149 baht (about $4 USD). Alternatively, there’s also a huge range of mango smoothies on offer, for a more reasonable 89 baht ($2.50 USD). Enjoy!

Wang Lang Markets

Jorge và Claudia – Couple Round The World


We love sầu markets and Wang Lang was one of our favorites in Bangkok. Especially because of the variety & delicious street food. The market is open every day except Sundays, from 07:00 to lớn 20:00 and it is mainly used by locals. There is a hospital nearby so many people go to market for lunch. The cool thing is that the market is very easy to lớn get to, just catch the orange express boat and stop in the pier N10. The market is big, you will find clothes, vegetables, fruits, & lot of street food vendors. The food variety is stunning from noodles, fried pork, grilled banamãng cầu, dumplings, squid skewer, fish cakes, cakes và cupcakes. We ended up trying several dishes and almost everything that looked different and smelled delicious. We always rethành viên an omelette with coconut và vegetables which became our favorite dish in Bangkok

Address:13°45’trăng tròn. 100°29’02., 0 Soi 8, Khwaeng Taling Chan, Taling Chan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10170, Thailand

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Pad Thai – Thip Samai

Chris Backe – One Weird Globe


Thip Samai – The Bangkok restaurant where Pad Tnhì was born

Thailand’s national dish is a lesson in nationalism. Field Marshal P.. Pibulsongkram – Thailand’s Prime Minister during World War II – led a chiến dịch for Thai people to lớn eat Thai food & use Tnhị products. Getting people to lớn eat rice noodles would reduce rice consumption & increase rice exports, he reasoned.

He also produced recipe cards & instructions on how to lớn make the noodles, và a restaurant called “Pad Thai Pratu-Phi” opened in western Bangkok by Mrs. Samat Baisamut. This restaurant garnered the Prime Minister’s recommendation whenever state visitors arrived. After being forced out by a landlord jealous of her success, she opened a new restaurant, now called Thip Samai, on September 9, 1966. The rest, as they say, is history.

There’s only a handful of offerings (including a vegetarian option), but the prices are competitive sầu to lớn any nearby restaurant without the history lessons on the walls. You aren’t coming here for a steak, after all.

Address: Thip Samai is at 313 Maha Cnhị Road, Samran Rat, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200.

Crispy Pork Neông chồng with Morning Glory

Aaron – Nomads Nation


If you are in Bangkok you are obviously going to lớn be overwhelmed with cheap world class cuisine, but one thing you basically have to try is morning glory. Made from water spinach, morning glory is ubiquitous in Thái Lan, & the epitome of a ‘must try’. It’s salty, spicy, a little tangy – Tnhì cooking at it’s finest.

Siam Discovery Food Court

Dawn – 5 Lost Together


Bangkok has lots of Japanese restaurants, but if you want khổng lồ really treat yourself head over lớn the posh Siam Discoveryshopping center lớn the Oishi Gr& on the 4th floor. You might have sầu lớn queue, but don’t let that dissuade you. Once seated you can feast for up to lớn 2.5 hours on a ginormous Japanese spread.

The mix price (895 THB/adult) gives you access khổng lồ everything: sushi, tempura, miso soup, dumplings, the yaki grill area và so much more. Start with the fresh sashingươi và hvà rolls, before heading over khổng lồ the grill section lớn select raw meats, fish and veggies for the chefs to lớn cook for you, delivered right khổng lồ your table. Be adventurous & try something you wouldn’t normally pick. Surprisingly the deserts were fantastic with the Haaren Dazs ice cream being a big draw; make sure you try all the flavors!

Address: See Google Map

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Eat On A River Cruise

Sarah – Fit Travels


A dinner cruise on Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River is a must vày when visiting the ‘Venice of the East.’ There are however a number of boats & companies you can choose from. The large, Búp Phê disteo boat wasn’t really our thing so we opted lớn dine with Loy Nava Cruises on their converted traditional rice barge. It was intimate, slow paced and romantic! Musicians sit at the front of the barge playing relaxing music và during the evening there’s a Thai dance performance.

The menu is Tnhị fare, with the option for seafood or vegetarian if you prefer. Our four courses were not only beautifully presented but they tasted incredible & staff explained each dish và the ingredients used to lớn prepare them. My favourite was definitely the spicy coconut soup và the roast duck salad. This dinner cruise costs approximately USD50.00 per person (drinks are extra) và goes for around two hours. We were presented with cool towels & a jasmine garlvà upon boarding, plus the knowledgeable staff point out important landmarks as your travel on the Chao Phraya. The perfect sunphối dining experience in Bangkok!

Tom Yum Goong – Pee Aor Tom Yum Goong

Hendric – The Travel Intern


No visit to Bangkok or Thailand is complete without trying the popular local dish, Tom Yum Goong. Said khổng lồ be the mother of all Tnhị soups, Tom Yum Goong is a spicy và sour prawn based soup, sure to lớn whet your appetite. On a recent trip lớn Xứ sở nụ cười Thái Lan, we found what people say is the best và most authentic Tom Yum Goong in Bangkok.

Tucked in an unassuming street along Soi Petchaburi 5 is Pee Aor Tom Yum Goong that’s popular with both locals and tourists. There’s nothing fancy about the place, just a clean small restaurant with tiny tables & food lớn die for. There are tons of variations, from the humble mixed seafood Tom Yum Goong for the budget savvy (60Baht), lớn huge shareable bowls with king prawns, lobster, oysters, & other premium seafood (1000baht). You can even choose from four different types of noodles! We recommend the Tnhị glass noodles.

The soup base was rich and savoury, while the seafood were all super fresh. In fact it was so good that I ate more than one bowl!

How to get there: Walk 5 mins from Phaya Tnhì BTS, Soi Petchaburi 5

Address:Soi Phetchaburi 5, Khwaeng Thung Phaya Tnhị, Khet Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400, Thailand

Cabbages and Condoms

Jeanette – Traveling Honeybird


Hidden away in a laneway, off a main street, is one of Bangkok’s most interesting & pleasant restaurants that you’ll find. A long time favourite with travellers Cabbages & Condoms offers wonderful traditional Tnhì food mixed with a good side serve of social goodness. The menu isn’t extensive but the quality coming out of the kitchen is beyond belief.

This restaurant has acquired international fame for it’s chất lượng decorations and blatantly obvious messages about family planning & protection. The food here is guaranteed not lớn cause pregnancy!

The restaurant was conceptualised in part khổng lồ promote better understanding and acceptance of family planning and lớn generate income to lớn support various development activities of the Population & Community Development Association (PDA).

Address:Sukhumvit 12 Alley, Khwaeng Khlong Toei, Khet Khlong Toei, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand

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Siam Wisdom

Sarah – Live sầu Dream Discover


If you’re looking for a special occasion restaurant or simply a place to enjoy a gourmet meal away from the busy streets of Bangkok, the award-winning Siam Wisdom is a perfect choice. Although you are still in the heart of the city you will feel lượt thích you’ve sầu been whisked away to a serene sanctuary miles from the honking cars and street vendors.

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The traditional stilt teak wood house & peaceful gardens set the stage for a meal that is as beautiful as it is delicious. The menu changes with the seasons but is always based on age old authentic Tnhị recipes which are displayed lượt thích a piece of contemporary art. Choose from a set menu offering three styles: Ancient, Classical & Innovative. Whatever your selection you are bound to lớn come away relaxed and more than satisfied. Tip: Plan lớn arrive early or stay after dinner for a delicious libation in the sexy & exotic cocktail lounge.

Address:66 ถนน สุขุมวิท Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea, Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand

Papaya Salad – Bann Somtum

Hannah – Getting Stamped


Every time I’m in Bangkok we head to lớn our favorite restaurant Bann Somtum. Which literally means “House of Papaya Salad.” I still remember the first time I had papaya salad (somtum) it was on myĐất nước xinh đẹp Thái Lan honeymoonon Koh Phi Phi. I thought I was ordering a light refreshing dish but boy was I wrong. Papaya salad is not only exploding with flavor but it packs some heat. When ordering specify how many Tnhị chilis you’d lượt thích in it, I usually order 2 but remember I’ve lived in Vương Quốc Nụ Cười for over a year. We found this restaurant bachồng in 2014 where we spent3 days in Bangkok& ended up eating here 4 times! The restaurant serves up several variations of papaya salad I always go for the original and the deep fried papaya salad. Most of their papaya salads are 60-90 baht ($1.75-$3). They also have sầu tons of other Thai dishes so come hungry! Baan Somtum is located in the Silom district of Bangkok. You can easily take the subway or have sầu an Uber bring you right there.

“Gaggan is a progressive sầu Indian restaurant in the heart of Bangkok’s business district. A restaurant which did not exist a fewyears ago has climbed the ladder khổng lồ the top of Asia’s San Pelegrino Best Restaurant menu in a previously unseen time, unthroning also Bangkok resident Nahm, from the top place.But this is not the result of just luông chồng. Gaggan studied under the supervision of El Bulli’s Ferran Adria. After numerous calls asking for an opportunity, the Catalan legendary chef finally accepted Gaggan insistent demands & welcomed hyên inkhổng lồ his realm not khổng lồ work in the kitchen but in the retìm kiếm lab. “What should I bring?”, asked a young Gaggan before packing for Catalunya, “Indian spices!”, he was summoned.

Eating at this young chef’s eden is a nod lớn Adria’s molecular cuisine. The essence of many of the dishes paired with the Trắng washed walls, the flower cushions& the high ceilings of a Bangkok colonial house were a contradiction, a joke almost, when contrasted with Indian richness of flavors and textures. Yet Gaggan’s cuisine cannot be defined as mere Indian for he is progressive sầu in his thinking, his ingredients and his technique.”

Address:68/1 Soi Langsuan, Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Khwaeng Lumphini, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand

Feeling bold???

Eat Bugs on Khao San Road

Gemma – Two Scots Abroad


Eating bugs in Bangkok lượt thích the locals vị is a right of passage for any backpacker! We skipped khổng lồ a few streets off the infamous Khao San Road và stumbled across a vendor selling a variety of beasties lượt thích they were serving up ice cream at the cinema. I selected the least offensive looking batch – flies. I squealed with excitement/disgust as a young girl looked at me bemused.

After a deep breath I chowed down on a salty winged creature, the wings fell apart in my mouth. A local man walked past và asked what we were up to lớn, we offered hlặng the rest of the bag & he chomped them down like a packet of crisps (chips). Don’t believe sầu me? Here’s the proof!

What and where bởi welove sầu to lớn eat when we are in Bangkok?

Megsy và Tommo recommend:

Eat at Chinatown Yaowarat Rd


Chinatownalso known asYaowarat Rd is a great place to lớn head to lớn every Friday và Saturday night for a tasty feed. The streets are literally lined with street vendors selling everything from crispy duck khổng lồ various meats on a stiông chồng.

Make sure you head down some of the side streets to find the best BBQ và seafood restaurants in Bangkok. Our personal favourites include enoki mushrooms wrapped in bacon (pictured) & quail eggs with soy sauce. The best idea is to lớn go for a roaming dinner, trying a little bit of everything as you make your way down the street. Trust us there’s so much khổng lồ choose from you’ll be stuffed.

Address:300 ซอย เยาวราช 6 Yaowarat Rd, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand

What To Eat In Bangkok: Podcast

The Dish is a lively and fun podcast for food lovers, exploring the stories behind some of the worlds best và most famous dishes – & food destinations.

In this episode, the stories behind some of our favourite dishes from Bangkok.

How Tnhị is Tnhì Curry? We discuss the controversial history of one of Thailand’s tastiest curries.The ancient origins of Tom Yum SoupA Thai-Indian fusion dish, not to lớn be missed!PLUS a little adventurous eating of some of Thailand’s more unusual high protein street snacks…

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Restaurants & suggestions for dishes mentioned in this Podcast:

5 Unique và Authentic Cooking Classes in Bangkok

Thai Red / Green & Yellow curries: A slightly richer but incredible version of all 3 of these curries should be tasted at the Vegetarian restaurant: Ethoslocation on google maps.

Mussaman Curry: One of the most interesting versions we had was at Karyên Roti Matacha. Another tasty but less original version was at Yummy KitchenStreet Food restaurant.

Tom Yum: Eaten at Siam Wisdom (for an up market version). Otherwise, tìm kiếm out the stalls at Chatuchak market.

Pad Thai: Learn More About The surprising History Of Pad Thai on Our Pad Tnhì Podcast Episode + Our top 2 recommendations for where khổng lồ eat great pad thai.

Edible Insects: Try a big selection of insect in Bangkok at thePak Khlong Market Flower Market – most vendors were around the north over of the market after dark. Or, watch Tommo eat a variety of edible insects in Chiang Mai – yum…ish.

Roti Mataba: Awesome roti bread with curries atKaryên Roti Matacha. Or just look out for street vendors selling roti with banana and condensed milk around Khao San Road every afternoon và evening.

Mango Sticky Rice: Try at Kor Panich in Bangkok. But our absolute favourite was at Galanga in Koh Samui.

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Accommodation In Bangkok:

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