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Although it was well-known that rice is mainly self-pollinating, it was also known that some cross-pollination can take place.
The proposed method uses well-known theoretical procedures that are similar to those used in the serial links approach.
The second thesis expresses the well-known meta-ethical view that all moral properties supervene on non-moral properties.
These results directly generalize several well-known graph results involving the existence of vertices of degree three.
All three protected areas are composed mostly of tropical lowlvà forest, & are well-known for their diversity of forest birds.
Major depression in offspring showed not only the well-known association with maternal depression, but also with paternal depression, which has received little previous study.
It is a well-known property of the normal distribution that the first three moments can be expressed in closed form in terms of each other.
Section 2 introduces some well-known matching problems và shows how they can be stated in terms of the generic problem of matching graphs.
It is possible lớn encapsulate a broad spectrum of well-known biocides and control their release by the composition & structure of the composite layers.
Under certain conditions, the solitary wave suffers the well-known anomalous damping leading khổng lồ the development of collisionless shoông xã waves.
Afterwards, we rehotline some of the well-known plasma modes, such as ion-, dust- & electron-acoustic solitary waves.
The state court had upheld the livestoông chồng classification on the grounds that it was well-known that sheep, unlike cattle, damaged pasture lvà.
That book is well-known for its " " three pillar " " Model, entailing a mandatory unfunded pillar, a mandatory funded pillar, & a voluntary private pillar.

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a type of dance in which the rhythm is kept by the noise of the dancer"s shoes on the floor

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