Universal Studios Singapore: Uss Tickets & Opening Hours

Universal Studio Singapore is Universal Studio"s first & only theme park in Southeast Asia which opened in 2011. The park offers seven different areas with indoor as well as outdoor rides. A variety of attractions and shows await you - get closer lớn your favorite characters! Buy your ticket online and don"t waste a minute waiting in line.

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Book in advanceTo avoid queuing at the ticket counter simply buy your ticket online. This will not only save you time, you might also get better price. You can redeem your online purchased ticket at the designated ticket counter. Please chú ý that you can only reedem your ticket in the selected time slot.If you hate standing in line (and who doesn’t?) then consider investing in an Express or Express Unlimited Pass. The regular Express Pass lets you use the express line once per attraction, while the Express Unlimited Pass lets you do it as often as you like!
Wind & weatherFor your visit to Universal Studios Singapore you should wear comfortable clothes và shoes, also bring a rain jacket along. The park remains even during adverse weather open and offers many indoor alternatives: Attractions, fan hâm mộ stores and restaurants. You should also remember lớn bring spare clothes, as you might get wet during some of the rides. Make sure lớn pack sunscreen as Singapore can be hot and humid, especially in summer.
Start your adventure earlyTo be able to try out all rides, you should start your park tour early. Once you arrive, look up the timetable of shows which are on that day. Plan your day around the shows you want to see so that you don’t miss anything!
Don't underestimate the sizeSince the park is quite large, you should plan your route wisely. It"s best to lớn work your way from area to area. This also avoids the risk of missing on any activity out!
Mel's Drive-in at the Universal Studios Singapore | Photo: Unsplash, Ashleigh Yoong - CC-BY-SA 2.0
Spoilt for choiceKeep in mind that you are not allowed khổng lồ bring any snacks into the park, but you definetly won"t have any food cravings on these grounds. Food & drinks at restaurants as well as food stalls are not included in the entrance fee. They are fancy designed và therefore definitely worth a visit - so take the opportunity and try them out.
A fan hâm mộ item is a must have!At Universal Studios Singapore, countless fan hâm mộ stores will make your heart beat faster. These are tailored khổng lồ the themed areas and scattered throughout the site. You should prioritize your favorite themes lớn not miss out any of them.
Download the Universal Studios Singapore AppDue khổng lồ on-going COVID regulations, no park maps are handed out. However, you can access it with the không tính phí Universal Studios Singapore app. Since this app is interactive based you are able lớn view the current queuing time of any attraction và get at the same time an overview of current meet và greet times. Max out by using the provided ứng dụng discounts.
Battlestar Galactica roller coaster at Universal Studios Singapore | Photo: Unsplash, Nauris Pūķis - CC-BY-SA 2.0

Get taken away in the world of Universal Studios

Explore the park"s seven different areas on trăng tròn hectares: New York, Madagascar, The Lost World, Far Far Away, Ancient Egypt, Hollywood và Sci-Fi City. Plunge into the world of your favorite characters & be a part of this adventure!
Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase ride at Universal Studios Singapore | Photo: Flickr, - CC-BY-SA 2.0
Visit Lights, Camera, Action! show by Stephen Spielberg to lớn find out within seven minutes how your favorite movies are created behind the scenes. Learn how fire & water are used among some other special effects. Try khổng lồ get a front row seat to watch the performance up close! If you want lớn take it a little easier, you should visit the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase, which is also great for children. Get closer to lớn Elmo, Bert & his friends on this indoor train ride - they"ll bring back your childhood memories lớn a musical accompaniment. Take a photo with Elmo and Oscar in the new york outdoor area.
Choose your favorite character from the Madagascar movie series on the King Julien"s Beach tiệc nhỏ Go-Round Carousel - even kids can take a seat! Enjoy the tropical atmosphere as you take a relaxing 90-second ride on Alex, Marty, Malman or one of your other favorites.In the future, the Madagascar Zone will be fully replaced by Minion Land which you will be able lớn experience from 2024 on! It is part of Resorts World Sentosa"s long-standing sustainability strategy, which aims to become greenhouse gas free by 2030. With Minion Land, this will be the first step: Singapore"s premier attraction run purely on renewable energy.
Free like a bird - Hover over the area of The Lost World with the chất lượng Canopy Flyer
. During this 40-second, kid-friendly open-air ride you"ll have a panoramic view over the park và get to lớn see Jurassic Park from above.Probably one of the most visited attractions is the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure which lasts 10 minutes & is therefore among the longest rides. The water ride by round boat starts outdoors, where prehistoric animals are brought lớn life next you will find yourself in a dark tunnel where even more dinosaurs are waiting for you.The Dino-Soarin offers fun for young và old: a carousel with flying dinosaurs, in which up lớn two people can sit per dinosaur. This attraction is particularly suitable for parents và their children, as it can be listed among the gentle rides và lasts about one & a half minutes.Dr. Rodneywill show you outside The Lost World how dinosaurs hatch. You can also learn more about blue (female velociraptor) at the Raptor Encounter. If you dare get closer khổng lồ take a photo!
Puss in Boots' ride at Universal Studios Singapore | Photo: Flickr, Xiquinhosilva - CC-BY-SA 2.0
Take a seat & get closer lớn Shrek & Fiona with the Shrek 4-D Adventure
! The cinematic experience lasts about 15 minutes and takes you on their honeymoon through the kingdom. The special effects make it seem lượt thích you"re actually going on an adventure with Shrek và Fiona.The Enchanted Airways ride proves that a roller coaster can be family friendly. Sit in one of the train cars & experience the fairytale world from the dragon"s perspective. Along the 60-second ride, you"ll discover Pinocchio, the big bad wolf and many more mythical creatures.A truly chất lượng journey awaits you on the Puss In Boots" Giant Journey. During this ride young và old sit together in a basket-like vehicle which is hanging from above - Familiar Shrek characters a brought khổng lồ life such as Puss in Boots.Shrek and Fiona are waiting for you in the Far Far Away outdoor area of the park.

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Entrance to the Ancient Egypt area at Universal Studios Singapore | Photo: Unsplash, Chan Chai Kee - CC-BY-SA 2.0
A go-to for all andrenaline junkies: the Revenge of the Mummy
roller coaster. Under high speed and sound effects you experience tilts & turns inside a mine car. Needless khổng lồ say that during this three-minute indoor ride countless drops and a 180-degree turn await you.
Unfortunately, there are no attractions in the Hollywood area at the moment, nevertheless you will find many tín đồ stores here. In this zone, most of the characters are waiting for a Meet và Greet, including the stars from the movies Minions, Kung Fu Panda & Madagascar!
TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3d Battle ride at Universal Studios Singapore | Photo: Flickr, Dave Junia Lum - CC-BY-SA 2.0
Are you không tính phí from giddiness? chạy thử your limits with the Accelerator attraction and let the teacups spin. The cups move back và forth and speed rhythmically to lớn the music up - especially kids enjoy this fun ride. Since this attraction only lasts a minute và a half, it is the perfect gap filler between other attractions.90 km per hour - the double-track outdoor roller coaster Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs. CYLON is not for the faint-hearted. Choose the red line khổng lồ be on the human side or opt for the Cylons by taking the xanh roller coaster. Of course, you"re không tính phí to try both 90-second rides, yet the blue path gives you the extra thrill. With a height of 42.5 meters (1394ft), this attraction is the world"s tallest dueling roller coaster.Experience a true thrill in the dark during the five-minute ride on TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3d Battle. Surrounded by 3-D effects và loud music, you"ll experience the battle from your vehicle up close. Since it"s probably one of the most popular rides, it should be one of your very first attractions khổng lồ try to lớn not miss on this experience out.A Meet và Greet is offered here in the outdoor area with the Transformers heroes - become part of the troupe và enternize the moment with a photo.
The amusement park is widely accessible và provides even designated wheelchair spaces at shows. At most attractions và shows you are able lớn use your own wheelchair. However electric wheelchairs are not supported for rides but you can rent a manual wheelchair at the main entrace for an additional fee. Furthermore, many attractions are audio-supported. Read more.
The park offers paid parking spaces. These cost Monday to Thursday from 12:00 am to lớn 11:59 pm SGD 6 và Friday to lớn Sunday as well as public holidays from 12:00 to lớn 23:59 SGD 9 per entry. A 24-hour parking service is offered at an additional cost of SGD 3. Parking spaces for disabled pass holders are provided. Read more.
A minimum hight restriction applies on some attractions. Kiểm tra the restrictions for each attraction on the maps before lining up - otherwise you will get dissapointed once the hight is checked by staff. Usally the minimum hight of 92 centimet (3 ft) applies on easy-going attractions, where as the 125 centimet (3,4 ft) restriction is essential for turbulent rides. Please lưu ý that some rides can be attended with a supervisor only. Read more.
The personalized ticket can be used several times on the booked day khổng lồ enter the park. Make sure to get a stamp on your hand before leaving the park khổng lồ be able khổng lồ re-enter with your ticket. Read more.
In general, you should plan to spend a full day at Universal Studios Singapore. There’s so much to lớn see and do, và even if you’re just in it for the big rides, long lines will mean you’ll need khổng lồ spend at least 3 to 4 hours exploring. Read more.
Bag searches are carried out at the entrance of the theme parc. It is prohibitted to lớn take food purchased outside of the premises along. Exceptions are made for baby food và guests with special dietary only. Read more.
We recommend to lớn leave bulky luggage for storage at the main entrance of Universal Studios Singapore. At this facility you can also rent a stroller for an additional fee. Read more.
Since the Universal Studio Singapore does not close in case of inclement weather, the ticket is non-refundable. Therefore, we recommend khổng lồ bring a rain jacket for your visit along. Read more.
No, animals aren’t allowed inside the parc. An exception is made for certified service dogs. Read more.

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There is no general ban on taking photos or videos, however there are certrain areas where it is not permitted. Please inform yourself in advance if restrictions apply to lớn this attraction or show. Read more.