Loosen up in nha trang, vietnam: 25 fun things to do

Nha Trang is a popular tourist destination because of its amazing Trắng s& beaches, cheap diving & resorts. It often gets a bad rap but I encourage you khổng lồ kiểm tra it out for yourself before you write it off as there are a number of chất lượng things lớn bởi vì in Nha Trang.

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If you’re travelling through the county Nha Trang is a wonderful spot lớn have sầu on your Vietnam giới itinerary khổng lồ take a few days to lớn just chill và be a tourist. If you’re tired of all the local food you’ll find a ton of delicious international food that is done really well on top of the many street food stalls and markets.

Nha Trang is ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá because you can choose lớn relax at the spas or on the beach or choose lớn keep up your travelling habits by being adventurous visiting temples, waterfalls và snorkelling.

It really is the best of both worlds but with a side of Russian tourists who are known lớn love sầu this city. Break your Vietphái mạnh trip up here và you won’t have sầu trouble figuring out what to lớn do in Nha Trang and what to see in Nha Trang for a few days. I recommend spending 2-4 days in Nha Trang.

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Things to vày in Nha Trang

Relax on the Beaches

One of the best things to lớn vì chưng in Nha Trang is khổng lồ chill out at the beach.

One of the best places to visit in Nha Trang? The beach! You’re going khổng lồ be surprised when you see how beautiful the trắng s& beaches are lined with palm trees & resorts.

This is not typical for Vietnam giới but it is for Nha Trang. The main Nha Trang beach is Tran Phu Beach which is the most popular because it’s the easiest lớn access và has plenty of restaurants cthua by plus it’s great for nightlife.

Hon Chong Beach is a little further away but has great views of Tran Phu Beach and is much quieter. There are also more beaches surrounding Nha Trang & on the islands just off the coast.

Visit Ba Ho Waterfall

This spot is known for the three pools at the bottom that are perfect for swimming in. It’s about a 45-minute drive sầu to get lớn the falls and then a hike which can be challenging.

You can rent a scooter for cheap to lớn get there. It’s best to ask locals before you head out when it is best khổng lồ go based on when it gets dark, how much water will be there or if the water will be too cold.

See the Po Nagar Csay mê Towers

Discover what lớn see in Nha Trang & awesome sites such as the Po Nagar Cđam mê Towers.

These towers you can walk khổng lồ from downtown Nha Trang và they are up a little mountain so you get picturesque views of the cất cánh. They were built before 781 AD and they still function as a worshipping site for Buddhists. You can also choose to lớn see these as part of a day tour of Nha Trang’s highlights.

Take a Mud Bath

In my opinion, one of the top things to vì in Vietnam are the widely popular hot springs & mud baths. There are a few locations where you can jump in the tub to feel the healing powers that the mud is said to lớn have sầu. It’s a four-step process that leaves you feeling extra refreshed. I had a day organized with pichồng up & drop off through the hostel I was staying at.

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Snorkel & Dive

Many people visit tosee the local underwater wildlife. You can vì excursions lớn the islands just off of the coast & find lots under the water. It’s also a great place lớn get PADI certified because it’s really cheap!

Book Snorkelling

Check Out Long Son Pagoda

There are plenty of places lớn see in Nha Trang that are historic too.Source: Long Son Pagoda by glenn forbes – Under Creative sầu Commons license

For great views head over khổng lồ Long Son Pagoda where at the top you will find a giant white Buddha which is one of the things lớn see in Nha Trang. The sites start at the bottom of the hill with a pagoda, reclining Buddha and cemeteryalong the way. It’s right in the middle of Nha Trang và is one of the main sites in the thành phố.

Vin Pearl

Vin Pearl is one of the top things khổng lồ vì in Nha Trang.

Hangout onTran Phu Beach và you’ll notice the giant Trắng Vin Pearl sign on the closest isl&. Vin Pearl is a resort island that has beaches but more important a theme parkandwater park.

It is, of course, more expensive sầu than your typical activities in Vietphái mạnh but it’s a fun place to break up all of the sightseeing và temple hopping. It’s one place where khổng lồ go in Nha Trang (& Vietnam) that is not your typical Vietphái mạnh attraction.

Go Sailing

Get offshore for a bit & have a day in the sun for one of the best things khổng lồ bởi in Nha Trang, sailing. Sail khổng lồ some of the islands close by is usually a day filled with boozing và cruising. Many tours will also include snorkelling.

Skylight Skydeck

It was a blast trying new cocktails at Skylight Skydechồng. It’s one of the best things khổng lồ vì chưng in Nha Trang at night.

This is not a budget activity but it is well worth it và it’s one of my favourite things lớn vày in Nha Trang at night. Splurge và get yourself a ticket up lớn the top of the 43-story Havana Hotel.

At the top is Skylight Skydechồng which offers incredible 360° views of the city và mountains. It’s the first of its kind in Nha Trang và it also offers a pool, amazing drinks & a dance floor. Dress up và enjoy a night on the town!

Where lớn Stay in Nha Trang

Cheông xã out my detailed guide on Nha Trang accommodation for all budgets!

Vietnam giới Essentials

There are a few things that you will absolutely need while in Vietphái nam.

Reef Safe Sunscreen: Yes, Vietnam giới has coral và yes, you should be wearing coral safe sunscreen. I’m not here khổng lồ lecture you on saving the earth and plants, you know that already. This is just a friendly reminder that you can keep you và the waters safe.

Adapter: Obvi. But seriously people always forget. I lượt thích lớn use a universal adapter so if you don’t have one already get one stat & never worry about it again!

Reusable Water Bottle: This is an essential for ANY trip but even more important for Vietnam because recycling here is not really a thing and when you see the plastic littering this beautiful country you’ll be sad that you’re contributing to lớn the plastic issue. There are lots of places khổng lồ fill up water bottles.

Mosquilớn Repelling Bracelets: These are a thing? Totally! Mosquitoes can get nasty in Vietphái nam và unfortunately can carry diseases. This is the healthiest option because they don’t use deet!

Activated Charcoal: When your tummy is not feeling so great và you may need to lớn run khổng lồ the bathroom at any second you’ll be happy this is within arms reach. Food issues happen in Southeast Asia and these will help you get baông chồng to health & enjoying your vacay in no time.

Travel Insurance: Just don’t travel without it, end of story. But if you need more convincing read this.

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