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Find the best Ho Chi Minc rooftop bars, with all info you need about each venue: opening hours, dress code, photos, maps và much more.

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Ho Chi Minh City (or Saigon) is one of the most genuine cities in Asia. Great culture, friendly people & superb prices. The Saigon rooftop bars also live up khổng lồ all these criteria’s. Not only that, many of the top floor venues also offer suberb Ho Chi Minh rooftop swimming pools.

So, which is the best rooftop bar Saigon? Just scroll down & find the Saigon rooftop bar best suited for you.

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A multi-concept rooftop that comes with dining room, bar và lounge, whisky library, glasshouse và (as main feature) a fantastic rooftop terrace, offering spectacular pamoramic views over the Saigon skyline. The terrace is large & lush with lots of dining tables, trees and even a "mini-river". Enjoy great lunch deals in the sun, go for a fine dinner and indulge in a wide á la carte thực đơn or just drop by for some lounge vibes & a great selection of artful and crafted cocktails along with a very large wine thực đơn.

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Perched on top of the President Place building in the heart of Ho Chi Minc, Skyloft by Glow is a vibrant and stylish rooftop bar, perfect for mixing great cocktails with fantastic views. xuất hiện daily from 5.30pm, you should visit early for a more relaxing vibe & enjoy exquisite and well-crafted signature cocktails. Later on the rooftop turns more & more inkhổng lồ a vibrant club lounge, with live DJs & a larger crowd enjoying the great atmosphere.

A hip and quite small bar, located cthua kém to the Saigon River và overlooking the pedestrian street Nguyên ổn Hue. And although the rooftop is open and airy và the views from the 4th floor over the surrounding sky scrapers are cool, this place is more about live music & atmosphere. Situated over three levels, Broma: Not a Bar offers themed evenings several days a week và is a perfect rooftop for a relaxed and fun ambiance right in the thành phố center. Exciting signature cocktails và cchiến bại khổng lồ heaven for the beer lover, with over 30 quality brews to choose from.

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Situated at the classic Hotel Caravelle, right opposite the Opera House. Loads of history surrounds both the hotel and the rooftop, as this where many American reporters lived and socialized during the Vietphái nam War. Old-style rustic in décor, with large wooden chairs & tables on the main terrace and on the "balconies" surrounding the inside bar, along with spectacular views of the skyline. Enjoy a large drinking menu, including their own brew, well crafted signature cocktails and a food thực đơn with delicious sharing plates, along with friendly service, sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere and live sầu music five sầu days a week.