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Học những từ chúng ta cần giao tiếp một phương pháp tự tin.

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retrieve a record/image/file, etc. The search is designed to retrieve all the records WorldCat has for a particular book.

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retrieve sth from sth The product helps retrieve accidentally deleted image files from virtually any kind of removable truyền thông for digital cameras.
There may be serious issues of successfully storing all the knowledge & retrieving the relevant knowledge in reasonable time.
Designers need more tools that assist in searching & retrieving analogous design solutions, especially far-field solutions.
In one instance the device was successfully retrieved after it had been released from its deployment cable.
This interaction indicates areas associated specifically with retrieving the names of known objects from vision.
The queries that vày well with pseudo feedback are those queries that are already retrieving relevant documents close khổng lồ the đứng top of a document ranking.
The lexical process, although able to lớn retrieve the spellings of familiar words from memory, cannot produce spellings for novel or unfamiliar words and nonwords.
The viability of shelf-stored và buried seeds retrieved during 15 months was determined by a cut test.
& yet, field studies are needed to retrieve this interpretation, which is forbidden, abolished, purified away by the đứng đầu part.
One of the reasons khổng lồ associate probabilities with grammars is to lớn retrieve the most probable analyses that can generate a given đầu vào sentence.
Annual palliative care consultations for patients who subsequently died in the hospital were retrieved.
We conclude that the problem of the retrieving phase from two images has, in general, degenerated solutions that prevent the phase-retrieving algorithm from converging.
những quan điểm của những ví dụ chẳng thể hiện quan điểm của các biên tập viên hoặc của University Press hay của các nhà cấp phép.

to judge the number or amount of something by using the information that you already have, và adding, taking away, multiplying, or dividing numbers

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