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Find your fee in one of three ways: the Fee Calculator, the Fee Chart PDF, or the Fee Charts below. Our fees listed on this page are for those applying for or renewing their passport in the United & renewing by mail from Canada. If you need lớn apply for or renew your U.S. passport in another country, visit the webpage of theU.S. embassy or consulatein that country.

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What fees should I pay?

I"m an adult (16 & older) và I"m applying for the first time

You will need to lớn pay two fees - an application fee và an acceptance fee. For more information on how to lớn apply, please seeFirst-Time Applicants.

ProductFormApplication FeeExecution (Acceptance) Fee
Passport BookDS-11$110$35
Passport CardDS-11$30$35
Passport Book và CardDS-11$140$35

Adult renewal applicants residing in the U.S. must apply by mail. Some U.S. citizens residing in Canadomain authority may be eligible lớn renew by mail. For more information on how khổng lồ apply, please seeRenew My PassportorChildren 16 and 17.

ProductFormApplication Fee
Passport BookDS-82$110
Passport CardDS-82$30
Passport Book và CardDS-82$140

All child applicants must apply in person.You will need to lớn pay two fees - an application fee và an acceptance fee. For more information on a passport for a child, please seeChildren Under 16.

ProductFormApplication FeeExecution (Acceptance) Fee
Passport BookDS-11$80$35
Passport CardDS-11$15$35
Passport Book & CardDS-11$95$35

Service I needHow much do I pay?What khung should I submit?
Name ChangeFees may varyIt depends on your situation since you may need to complete either Form DS-11, DS-82, or DS-5504.Please see theChange or Correct a Passport Pagefor details on which khung you need to lớn submit.
Correct Data Error$0DS-5504

All Additional Services Fees are per application.

ServiceAdditional FeeNotes
Expedited Service$60

SeeGet my Passport Fast. Primarily for applicants in the U.S. This service is also available for eligible U.S. citizens living in Canadomain authority who renew by mail using Form DS-82.

We bởi vì not charge a fee to lớn make an appointment. If you are asked to pay for an appointment, you should consider the request lớn be fraudulent.

1-2 Day Delivery$17.56Only available for PassportBookapplicants in the United (not Canada). This service is NOT available for Passport Card applicants. Passport cards are sent via First Class Mail.
File Search$150.00SeeRequest a File Searchfor more information.

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We accept different forms of payment depending on where you apply

Applying at a Passport Acceptance Facility (Post Office, Government Office, Library)

Application Fee và any Additional Services Fees:

(personal, certified, cashier"s,"s)andmoney orderspayable to lớn "U.S. Department of"Credit and debit cards CANNOT be acceptedDo not cancel your check or money order after you have applied as you may have lớn pay additional fees.

$35 Execution (Acceptance) Fee Paid Separately:

Money ordersat all locations, payable as instructed by the facilityPersonal checks& cash(exact change only)at some locationsCredit cardsat U.S. postal facilities and some other locations. Note: the facility may add a surcharge to cover the cost of a credit thẻ transaction.

*Please verify acceptable payment methods with the acceptance facility ahead of time.


Renewing by Mail

Renewal Fee and any Additional Services Fees:

(personal, certified, cashier"s,"s) andmoney orderspayable khổng lồ "U.S. Department of"Do not cancel your check or money order after you have applied as you may have khổng lồ pay additional fees.Youcannot pay onlinefor passport services at this time. Some companies may charge a fee for you lớn fill out your passport form. Read the fine print và disclaimers on their websites. These companies are not affiliated with the Department of


Applying or Renewing at a Passport Agency

All Fees:

Credit Cards
(Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) andDebit Cardsdisplaying the Visa or MasterCard logoChecks(personal, certified, cashiers,, payable lớn "U.S. Department of"Money orders(U.S. Postal, international, currency exchanges), payable lớn "U.S. Department of"Do not cancel your check or money order after you have applied as you may have to lớn pay additional fees.Cash(exact amountonly- no change provided)Pre-paid credit cardor gift carddisplaying the Visa or MasterCard biệu tượng công ty ALL / ALL /

Applying from Outside the U.S.

Overseas applicants should seeApplying For a Passport from Outside the United acceptable payment methods.

Where to lớn Apply Liên hệ Us

Passport Forms

DS-11:Application for a U.S. PassportFill Out OnlineDownload your PDF

DS-82: Renewal ApplicationFill Out OnlineDownload your PDF

DS-5504: Passport ReplacementFill Out OnlineDownload your PDF

DS-60: Affidavit Regarding a Change of Name

Download your PDF

Requesting a Refund for Expedited Service

Service Commitment

If you paid the $60 fee for expedited service when you applied and you did not receive sầu expedited service, you may be eligible torequest a refundof this fee. We cannot refund any other passport fees or your expenses if you miss your trip.

Non-Refundable Fees

The passport application fee and the execution fee are non-refundable. Both fees are collected và retained by law even if a passport is not issued.

Learn more about refunds on our Refund of Expedited Passport Fee page.

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