Superior room features cozy contemporary interior design, comfort fittings and high quality amenities provides everything you need to simply relax và enjoy the atmosphere. These rooms are...

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This accommodation is modern, spacious suite with King kích cỡ bedroom with an open-plan living area, a kitchenette & a bathroom. It’s an ikhuyến mãi for solo travelers or...


Deluxe pháo

Our Deluxe rooms are located at high floors which have great views toward ocean và panoramic views of the đô thị. A modern contemporary designed, these rooms are...



Located at top floors of the hotel building, 2-bedroom Apartment is bliss seclusion with a separate living area & two private rooms that allows you to indulge...

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Seafront Premier

These rooms are tastefully designed with only the most luxurious fabrics and designs. Whether you are here for business or pleasure, these rooms are equipped lớn provide...



140 seating capađô thị featuring a touch of French classics ambience, our Menus offer both Búp Phê & a la carte selections in a modern, inviting atmosphere. Distinct breakfast open cooking stations...


Come and use the uniqueness of the Conference Room service with our highly skilled staff !


Let"s come and enjoy the uniqueness of Spage authority & Massage service from our highly skilled staff at Paris Deli Hotel.

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Dear Valued GuestPlease kindly be informed that our Swimming pool will be out of service for annual maintenance from 13th August to 18th August 2019.We apologize for any inconvenience that may cause to lớn you.Thanks!

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