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An operating system is a software programme required lớn manage and operate a computing device like smartphones, tablets, computers, supercomputers, web servers, cars, network towers, smartwatches, etc. It is the operating system that eliminates the need lớn know coding language to interact with computing devices. It is a layer of graphical user interface (GUI), which acts as a platsize between the user and the computer hardware. Moreover, the operating system manages the software side of a computer and controls programs execution.

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Memory is a crucial hardware resource for any computing device. It is the memory that keeps the program running or stay active sầu when not in use. Here, it is the operating system that directs memory resources khổng lồ different computer programmes and handles memory management for uninterrupted experience.
If processor is the heart of computer, operating system is the brain. The operating system decides which process gets the processor resources when & for how much time. Moreover, it is the operating system that optimises processor for efficient performance.

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Computer is a phối of hardware & software resources. The operating system manages these resources so everything works without conflict. For this, a computer requires drivers so that the software communicate to lớn hardware efficiently through operating system. It is the operating system, however, that manages device management.
In consumer PC segment, Microsoft Windows leads the computer operating system in June 20trăng tròn with a market mô tả of around 77.21 per cent. It is followed by macOS by Apple Inc. in the second place with 16.97 per cent market tóm tắt, & the varieties of Linux are collectively in third place with 1.84 per cent market nói qua – according khổng lồ Statcounter. In smartphone segment, Google Android leads the chart with more than 70 per cent market nội dung, followed by Apple iOS with around 24 per cent market mô tả – according to Statista.

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