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Hanoi (Hà Nội) which is the capital thành phố of Vietnam (Việt Nam) has a unique beauty that attracts not only domestic but also international tourists coming to explore. Visiting here, tourists can take the interesting tour to plenty of unique, beautiful và impressive destinations not only during the daytime but also at night. 

As a city with exciting things to vày at night, Hanoi is famous for the wonderful và unique night markets that are often being looked for Hanoi nightlife’s activities. So, here is a list of the vị trí cao nhất 7 Hanoi night market ideas that will give you memorable suggestions when you want to lớn enjoy Hanoi nightlife’s activities. 

1. Old Quarter Night Market (Chợ Đêm Phố Cổ)

As one of the most famous Hanoi night markets I would like to introduce here, Hanoi’s Old Quarter is not only a lively market but also a wonderful attraction for tourists. This market with about 3km long lasts from Hang Dao (Hàng Đào) to Hang Giay (Hàng Giầy) streets. It sells a lot of products at various prices from tens lớn hundreds of Vietnam Dong, such as clothing, decoration items, jewelry, handicrafts, & food, etc. Coming here, tourists can find many Hanoi specialties lượt thích beo cake (bánh bèo), spring rolls, bread, sweet soup, etc with reasonable price. 

Furthermore, on Saturday evening, tourists will have a great opportunity lớn watch cultural performances of Vietnamese traditional folk arts such as the Cheo (Chèo), quan lại Ho (Quan Họ), Xam (Xẩm), Ca Tru (Ca Trù) organized at the beginning of two streets. 

If you are lucky, you can find the good thing with very cheap prices such as about 10,000 VND for three pairs of socks or about 70,000 VND – 300,000 VND for each garment item. 

With more than 4,000 stalls, this Hanoi night market is considered as great entertaining và walking area for both domestic và foreign tourists.

Location: Hang Ngang (Hàng Ngang), Hang Dao (Hàng Đào), Hang Duong (Hàng Đường) street, Hoan Kiem (Hoàn Kiếm) district, Hanoi 

Opening hours: 7 pm – midnight on Friday, Saturday, Sunday in every week

2. Nha Xanh – Cau Giay Night Market (Chợ bên Xanh – ước Giấy)
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This market sells a lot of products such as footwear, clothing, cosmetics, and bags for students as its target audience. It is a reason why the prices here are very low. Here you can find a lot of great bargains. It is not surprising when Nha Xanh becomes an ideal place for tourists who vị their shopping in Hanoi but are on a tight budget. Different from other Hanoi night market locations, Nha Xanh opens from morning lớn late at night every day. 

However, the majority of products here are imported from China, some items have very low unique and products from different stores have different prices. So, if you want to explore and cửa hàng at Nha Xanh market, one of the useful Hanoi night market tips is to kiểm tra the price and product’s quality carefully before making the purchase 

Location: Phan Van Truong street (Phan Văn Trường), Dich Vong Hau (Dịch Vọng Hậu) ward, Cau Giay (Cầu Giấy) district, Hanoi

Opening hours: 8 am – 9 pm every day

3. Dich Vong – Cau Giay Night Market (Chợ Dịch Vọng – ước Giấy)

Besides Nha Xanh, Dich Vong – Cau Giay Night Market is also another student market in Hanoi. This stands out as one of the Hanoi night markets selling the main products such as footwear, clothing, and bags with very cheap prices & great bargains. 

Besides the main products, Dich Vong market also provides foods và vegetables for locals và tourists. Products here are sold at not only the fixed prices but also the higher prices than the original; therefore, it is alright for you lớn bargain. 

Location: Dich Vong (Dịch Vọng) ward, Cau Giay (Cầu Giấy) district, Hanoi

Opening hours: 6 am – 7 pm every day


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Phung khoang – Thanh Xuan Night Market (Chợ Phùng khoang – Thanh Xuân) 

Phung khoang Hanoi night market is very well-known among college students in Hanoi. Compared with Nha Xanh market, Phung vùng market is smaller and the main products are not as various as Nha Xanh. However, people selling products here are very hospitable and mở cửa and they are willing to let you bargain for a good price. 

In this market, foods & vegetables are available in the daytime while footwear, clothing, and cosmetics are often sold in the evenings with the price ranging from tens khổng lồ hundreds. Phung vùng night market opens throughout the whole week but on the weekends, it is much busier. 

Location: Phung vùng (Phùng Khoang) street, Trung Van (Trung Văn) ward, Ha Dong (Hà Đông) district, Hanoi 

Opening hours: 5 pm – 10 pm 

5. Long Bien Night Market (Chợ Long Biên) 

Long Bien Market is one of the most dynamic night fruit markets for your shopping in Hanoi. In this market which opens from 11 pm lớn the early morning of the following day, the majority of food and fruit traders come here lớn pick up their goods from the suppliers.

 Tourists go khổng lồ this place not only because of seeing the selling buying activities but also watching people sleep in the boxes or use the cardboard as their blanket. That is the exciting và joyful experience for tourists who see the local routine và helps them understand how hard và difficult the life of locals is. 

Location: At the foot of Long Bien Bridge (Cầu Long Biên)

Opening hours: 11 pm – early morning of the following day

6. Linh nam giới – Hoang Mai Night Market (Chợ Lĩnh phái mạnh – Hoàng Mai) 

Another ideal place for Hanoi night market tour is Linh nam giới that opens from 8 pm. In this market, besides a variety of fruits & vegetables, there are wide options of footwear, clothing, & cosmetics that are sold at the price of 50,000 VND – 500,000 VND. 

The products here often come up with beautiful labels, multiple sizes, & various options. However, most of them are sold at a higher price than the original values. So, it is recommended that bargaining as low as you can if you go shopping in this market. 

Location: Linh nam giới (Lĩnh Nam) street, Vinh Hung (Vĩnh Hưng) ward, Hoang Mai (Hoàng Mai) district, Hanoi

Opening hour: 8 pm – 1 am

7. Quang ba Flower Night Market (Chợ Hoa Quảng Bá)
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This market that sells flowers welcomes guests throughout the whole day but also one of the best Hanoi night market locations, Quang tía Flower Market is busy in the nighttime. Coming khổng lồ this market, tourists will have a great chance to lớn admire a variety of flowers và listen to lớn the voices of the seller. 

If you want khổng lồ buy fresh flowers, the best time khổng lồ visit Quang bố Flower Market is from 2 am lớn 3 am. With Hanoi locals và tourists coming, Quang tía Flower market is famous not only for being the leading market of flower in Vietnam but also for possessing the chất lượng values & culture. 

Location: Nghi Tam (Nghi Tàm) street, Hanoi’s Tay Ho (Tây Hồ) district 

Opening hours: the whole day, most lively & busiest between 2 am & 4 am 

Hanoi night markets bring various values & cultures to tourists who travel to this capital thành phố of Vietnam. Visiting Hanoi night market is an interesting và memorable opportunity khổng lồ see the other side of Hanoi at night. So, have you ever experienced in these places? Let us know by leaving your comments.