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Nha Trang is famous for its street shops which have a wide variety of local handicrafts, clothes, jewelry and much more. These Vietnamese traditional goods are available at very low rates but one can still bargain and get these beautiful pieces of traditional creations for an even better deal. These places for shopping in Nha Trang offer the perfect opportunity lớn immerse oneself in Vietnamese culture.

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Best Places For Nha Trang Shopping

Here are all the excellent places for shopping in this exciting city. Make sure you plan your itinerary in a way that allows you to visit at least three of these places for an unbeatable retail experience!

1. Nha Trang Market


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Considering it is located in the city’s center, this market can be conveniently accessed by one & all. There are several stores lined up in this market which sell traditional handmade Vietnamese clothing, fresh local produce, beautiful trinkets and other local specialty products. This is famously known as the Dam Market & is spread across three floors of a building. Being one of the main Nha Trang markets, it has the best variety of dried seafood which is a specialty in any coastal city.

Location: Ben Cho, Van Thanhwhat to buy: Dried seafood like seaweed, shrimp and cuttlefish, Vietnamese clothing

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2. Lotte Nha Trang


Image SourceThis is one of the best shopping malls Nha Trang center located in the vibrant street of Tran Phu. It is a four-storey building where one can find a variety of commodity goods, fashion merchandise, modern designer jewelry & cosmetic outlets. For the travelers interested in video clip games, the game center housed by this mall can be given a visit. For all the movie buffs, there is an entertainment center which accommodates a movie theatre. KFC và Lotteria fast food chains are also based in the biggest shopping mall in Nha Trang.

Location: 58, 23/10 Street, Phuong Son Wardwhat lớn buy: Clothes, jewelry, home appliances, beauty products

3. Vinh Luong Market


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This market offers an authentic experience of seafood shopping in Nha Trang Vietnam. As this is located at the Nha Trang port, rest assured that whatever produce they buy is fresh out of the sea. The sellers in this market start the sale of the products as early as 04:00 AM in the morning. This is the best place to lớn witness the local culture and lifestyle as it is always bustling with Nha Trang locals, immersed in buying fresh seafood produce, vegetables và other necessary goods for everyday living. One can try a variety of local snacks here including spring rolls, papaya salads & pancakes.

Location: 1A National Rd., Luong Son, Vinh Luongwhat to buy: Fresh seafood

4. XQ Hand Embroidery


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This is an exquisite siêu thị perfect for clothes shopping in Nha Trang. The staff of this place can be found walking around in traditional Vietnamese clothes & they are experts at hand embroidering silk apparels. Their crafts và skills are very well displayed in their perfect execution of delivering perfect embroidered silk couture. One can even get their portrait or any other landscape or thiết kế embroidered on a piece of cloth. The whole shop’s setting resembles an ancient Vietnamese village home and visitors can browse through the different artworks displayed here.

Location: 64, Tran Phu Streetwhat to lớn buy: Handcrafted embroidered artworks

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5. Maximark Supermarket


Image SourceThis compact but multi-utility supermarket is at a walking distance from Nha Trang Cathedral. On the first floor of this supermarket, one can find an assortment of imported food items, while the second floor of this building houses the popular accessory và apparel stores. At the fourth floor, one can indulge in many arcade games & visit Lotte Cinema which showcases the latest released English movies.

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Location: 60 thai Nguyen Streetwhat to lớn buy: Imported chocolates, clothes and accessories

6. Artful Collection

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Take a break from buying apparel & jewelry from the various shopping malls in Nha Trang và visit this gallery which is owned and operated by Thiery Beyne who is a highly talented French photographer staying at Vietnam for over a decade. He has been clicking amazing pictures of different parts of Vietnam out of which a selected few are available for sale. This cửa hàng also houses a souvenir siêu thị and a small coffe which is quite famous among the locals for the variety of light bites, milkshakes, smoothies, hot beverages và beers offered here. A selective range of French wine can also be tried.

Location: 20A Nguyen Thien Thuatwhat to buy: Original limited edition photos taken by Thiery Beyne on his journey from Sapa khổng lồ Phu Quoc

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7. The Bambou Company

The Bambou Company is a French-run establishment which has many branches in Cambodia & other parts of Vietnam but the most popular branch out of all is the one which is based in the backpacking district of Nha Trang. This French company’s clothing range is famous for being eco-friendly, as it is made using natural fibers such as eucalyptus, bamboo, soybean & beech tree. Variety of options ranging from swimwear to skirts và dresses can be found here. Visitors can even pick up chất lượng souvenirs to take home lượt thích glasses with bamboo frames, pens and watches.

Location: 15 Biet Thu Streetwhat khổng lồ buy: Eco-friendly clothing & souvenirs

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8. Ngoc Bich Gift Shop

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This gift siêu thị offers chất lượng products which are made from the material obtained at the sea. These raw materials from the sea, lượt thích seashells, are collected & then finely crafted into magnificent pieces of art. These ornaments can be taken home as a travel memento, souvenir or as a gift for loved ones. They sell a wide range of beautiful necklaces, cufflinks, anklets, bracelets, earrings, rings, bangles & many other creative wonders. Even the famous Vietnamese pearls are sold here.

Location: 12 Tran Phu Streetwhat to lớn buy: dễ thương animal caricatures, handmade jewelry, Vietnamese pearls

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9. Hoang Yen Tailor

One can get the traditional Vietnamese dresses custom made according lớn their own preference at this small but quality boutique located at the street offering best shopping in Nha Trang. Visitors can choose their own material & their preferred màu sắc of the fabric. The experts here would then take the body toàn thân measurements & turn the selected fabric into a beautiful piece of traditional clothing.

Location: 128 Nguyen Thien Thuatwhat to buy: Get traditional Vietnamese costumes stitched

10. Saigon Pearls

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The pearls found and produced at Nha Trang bay are brought here and crafted into beautiful pearl jewelry. Though there are several other shopping places in Nha Trang which offer pearl jewelry, this shop is considered to lớn sell the most authentic và high-quality pearl jewelry. Visitors here have an option of buying several other valuable stone jewelry as well.

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Location: 150 Hung Vuongwhat to lớn buy: Pearl studded jewelry

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Buying mementos, souvenirs, & gifts for loved ones back trang chủ form an important part of any destination travel and shopping in Nha Trang offers many opportunities to vày just this. So, when are you planning to lớn head to lớn Vietnam for an exciting shopping spree?

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