10 best things to do in ho chi minh city


Formerly known as Saigon và Prey Nokor (at different times), Ho Chi Minc City was re-named after the nethuerestaurant.com.vnuntry’s revolutionary leader (and the first leader in North Vietnam) Ho Chi Minc. Nowadays, it’s a totally vibrant place with so many amazing và best things lớn vị in Ho Chi Minch City.

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Still, to lớn this day, Ho Chi Minc City is the largest city in Vietnam with a population of 8.1 million (although it’s not the capital – the honour goes lớn Hanoi).

Now, there are lots of amazing and beautiful places in Vietnam to lớn visit but Ho Chi Minc City is certainly one place you shouldn’t miss.

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With an expansive & rather tumultuous history going back khổng lồ the Nguyen Dynasty & then French nethuerestaurant.com.vnlonial rule, Ho Chi Minch City is a proper interesting và chất lượng đô thị lớn explore whilst in Vietphái nam.

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Some things you’ll see here will make you marvel at the sheer resilience of human beings, others make fascinate & intrigue you, quite a lot will delight you and others will leave sầu you shocked at how human beings treated each other (no. 1, below, is one those places that does that to lớn you).

Here are 10 places you have sầu to visit in Ho Chi Minh City.