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Owning several Guinness World Records và considered as the largest pagoda in Nha Trang, Long Son Pagoda is worth visiting once in a lifetime if anyone wants to lớn run away from hectic schedule, bởi vì self-reflecting or experience spiritual activities.

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I. History of Long Son Pagoda


Situated in Khanh Hoa province, Long Son pagoda (originally called Dang Long Tu) was founded in 1886 by the abbot Thich Ngo chi at the top of Trai Thuy hill where the current Buddha statue is located nowadays.

After the devastating cyclone in 1900, it was moved down hill. Following the wish of the very first abbot Thich Ngo Chi, the temple became the headquarters of Vietnam Buddhist Studies Association in Khanh Hoa in 1936. Then it was under renovated & restored a few times from 1940 to lớn 1971 especially after the period of the Vietnam War.

II. Highlights of Long Son Pagoda


Discovering the temple should be done from the downhill, conquering 193 steps to the đứng top of the hill where the largest Buddha statue in Vietnam is sitting. There are four main impressive highlights of Long Son pagoda.

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1. Main Temple


In front of the entrance to lớn the great temple is a stone board with a delicate mosaic dragon. Similarly, images of mythical animals as symbols of Taoist gods also appear on the roof in ancient details or get carved on pillars of the main hall. Besides, tourists can take a look at the 700kg bronze Buddha statue sitting in the sanctum in accordance with two large candles weighing up to 900kg, & witness worship ceremonies taken place by hundreds of Buddhists and pilgrims.

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2. Lying Buddha Statue

On the right side of the main temple, stepping 44 staircases is the trang chủ to an admirable statue of Buddha into nirvana. Background of the statue depicts the convergence of 49 disciples chanting when the Buddha passed away.