Linh quy phap an pagoda


(VNF) - Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda is part of a bustling scene with big gates, evoking the Gates to Heaven.

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Linh Quy Phap An is a well-known destination these days in south & central highland Viet Nam.

Located on a remote highland, among tea và coffee plantations, Linh Quy Phap An is a hidden gem recently discovered và quickly become one of the famous destinations in Bao Loc, Lam Dong (just 2 hours away from da Lat).


The far far away cloud rolling by; you can even see the raining storm in other area. (Photo: Thao Mai)

There’s a zen garden graveled white and bonsai stones. (Photo:


Many travelers are eager lớn check-in the pagoda lớn enjoy its chất lượng architecture và beautiful landscape. (Photo: tinnguyen.16)


Combination of green tea plantations và huge white cloud layers, which offers visitors nice photos and peaceful atmosphere. (Photo: duonghoangdang)

Quan Chieu Duong (Quan Chieu Hall) is popular in part because of its architecture. Its interior boasts big wooden poles & golden lanterns, hallmarks of ancient aesthetics, inspires legions of photos.

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Quan Chieu Hall is often crowded, so tourists should come on weekdays to lớn enjoy a peaceful atmosphere. (Photo: tomootd)

The pagoda also proves itself a prime place lớn catch the sunrise and sunset. (Photo: bouno.nguyen)

In the air, you can listen khổng lồ the wind chimes sounding melodiously. (Photo: trangleo67)

800m above sea level, Bao Loc is not as hot as không đúng Gon or as cold as domain authority Lat. Instead, the little city has an average temperature of 21-23 Celsius degrees all year round. Little sunshine, much rain và a lot of fog typically màu sắc a week in Bao Loc. This combination, mixed with natural beauty, vibrant culture and famous tea, make the small town a poetic destination.

Bao Loc is 180km northeast of Ho chi Minh City, 110km from da Lat, và 100km from Phan Thiet City. From HCMC, the 5-6 hour ride costs about VND 210,000 (USD 9.5)/ticket on an xuất hiện bus.

Due to its undeveloped tourism industry, some hotels offer motorbike services, but others do not. However, tourists can travel around the city by taxi.

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Many consider the dry season—which lasts from December through April— the prime times lớn visit Bao Loc./.