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Located in the northern part of Vietnam, Sapa the town floating in frost is not only famous for spectacular mountains but also for tranquil villages. Among those villages, Lao Chai Village, with its irresistible temptation, will attract you at first sight.

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Moreover, a palette of fun awaits you in Lao Chai Village as you can have an opportunity of getting exposed khổng lồ Vietnamese ethnic communities as well as taking selfies with stunning terraced fields.

I. Overview of Lao Chai Village

Lao Chai Village is situated about 7 km to the southeast of Sapa town’s center. It lies peacefully in a deep valley named Muong Hoa while embraced by marvelous ranges of Hoang Lien Son Mountain.


With a total area of 29.35 square kilometers, Lao Chai Village is considered a large village in Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province. It is adjacent to Ta Van Village which is also a featured tourist attraction of Sapa. 

If you have ever been concerned about Vietnamese history, you will definitely know that Lao Chai Village is the home of two ethnic groups including Giay people and Black H’mong people. From a higher view, their densely-populated houses are easily recognized.

II. The Best Time to Visit Lao Chai Village


Lao Chai is in its most alluring state from September to April. At this time, the village is lượt thích a golden carpet with terraced fields in their harvest season. Various patches of rice undulate one after another as if the sea waves were going up and down.

In spring, Lao Chai Village also has its own artistry. This is the time when the roads are overwhelmed by the pinky màu sắc of peach blossoms và the milky màu sắc of plum flowers. Just bring along your camera or smartphone, you will realize that every street corner is instagrammable.

III. Highlights of Lao Chai Village


So what khổng lồ expect when paying a visit to lớn this village? Interesting as it is, Lao Chai has a variety of characteristics that may leave a long-lasting impression on journeyers.

To begin with, travellers could contemplate its rustic scenery. One of the most exclusive features is terraced fields signifying highland residents’ farming style. While staying here, you are enabled lớn refresh your eyes with multiple shades of green from paddies of maize, cassava and rice.

Apart from natural beauty, a mixed culture between minor ethnic groups also brings about fantastic experiences. What mesmerizes visitors whenever entering Lao Chai Village is the image of local people in traditional clothing. Seeming uncomplicated, yet inundated with sophistication.

IV. What lớn See và Do in Lao Chai Village?

1. Embarking on a Leisure Trek


Feeling tired of the city’s hustle and bustle, it’s time for you to rejuvenate yourself by savoring the tranquility of the countryside. In Lao Chai Village, you are prone khổng lồ stay in harmony with nature and put all trouble and sorrows khổng lồ one side.

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In particular, you can wander around the paddy fields to lớn take several photographs, immerse yourself in the serenades of morning birds and hear the murmuring sound of streams and waterfalls. That’s really a yomost feeling!

2. Experiencing Homestays


Homestaying is a service of great enchantment in Sapa in general and Lao Chai Village in particular. You might find no difficulty in booking a temporary homestay there. You can also cook and enjoy daily meals with local families.

3. Chilling out with Local Festivals

At Lao Chai Village, you will have a chance of partaking in traditional events and festivals of indigeneous residents namely Root Poem festival or festival of fieldwork. Those experiences will broaden your horizons on diverse cultures và bring about indelible memories.

4. Trying Local Specialties


Undoubtedly, every excursion will be incomplete without food. At Lao Chai Village, there are myriads of special dishes that may whet your appetite. Especially all ingredients, from vegetables khổng lồ meat, are all supplied by local gardens.

On a mild day, gathering with others around a table full of scrumptious dishes while sipping a glass of glutinous rice wine is such a blissful moment.

Several Lao Chai delicacies that are highly recommended for you:

Hand-carried pigletsFive-coloured sticky riceCorn wine, glutinous rice wine

V. How lớn Get lớn Lao Chai Village?


If you have the intention of going on tours, it’s not a big khuyễn mãi giảm giá because the operating company will arrange your itinerary. However, if you would like to be a lone traveller, going by bike or motorbike is a good idea.

In Sapa, you can also select your favourite vehicles khổng lồ reach Lao Chai Village.

Price for hiring a bike: about 100.000 VND/day.Price for hiring a motorbike: 100.000 150.000 VND/day.Price for going by motorcycle taxi (from the center of Sapa Town): 60.000 VND/one-way, 100.000 VNd/two-way.Price for going by taxi: 100.000 120.000 VND.

VI. Extra Tips

You had better not visit Lao Chai Village on weekends as the flocks of domestic và foreign visitors at that time would make the streets & homestay rooms very crowded.Before taking photos of local people on streets, ask for their permission.Do not give money lớn local children. You could give them books, comics, cakes or stationery instead.

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Lao Chai Village in Sapa is truly a place of interest bestowed upon by nature. Its majestic mountains and hospitable residents will definitely make you linger on and have the sense of coziness.

Have you ever set your foot on this lovely village? vì chưng not hesitate to share your experience so as to lớn establish a motive for other backpackers. Lao Chai would help you realize your real life!