Cat bố islands resorts are the best choice for those who are seeking relaxing & luxurious places to lớn stay. The danh mục will introduce some famous resorts that have chất lượng and vary from 3-5 stars. 

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Cat bố Island is located in cát Hai district, nhì Phong city and is known as the pearl of the Gulf of Tonkin of Vietnam.

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Cat bố Island has long attracted many tourists because of the cool climate during the four seasons, with many pristine, clear beaches and beautiful, green & deep bays like Lan Ha Bay.


Lan Ha cất cánh (Source: Fantasea)

To meet the needs of visiting, staying & relaxation for tourists, và to contribute khổng lồ enhancing the experience for guests, we would like to introduce và recommend 7 resorts with diverse locations & prices.

I - 5 stars Cat cha island resorts

Flamingo Cat bố Resort

Flamingo Cat tía Resort (Source: Onlinebooking) Address: Beach mèo Co 1 và 2, mèo Hai, nhị Phong

II - 4-star resorts in Cat ba island

1 - Cat bố Island Resort & Spa


Cat cha Island Resort và Spa (Source: Booking) Address: cat Co 1, TT. Mèo Ba, nhị Phong

2 - Nam cat Island Resort


Nam cát Island Resort (Source: Booking)

3 - Sunrise Resort Cat cha Island


Sunrise Resort Cat tía Island (Source: Agoda) Address: mèo Co 3 Beach, Cat ba Island, hai Phong

III - 3-star Cat bố islandresorts

1 - Cat ba Sandy Beach Resort


Cat bố Sandy Beach Resort (Source: The Travel Nook) Address: Nam cat Island, mèo Hai, Cat bố Island, nhì Phong

2 - Cat ba Eco Lodge Resort


Cat tía Eco Lodge Resort (Source: Tripadvisor) Address: Xuan Dam, cát Hai, Cat bố Island, nhị Phong

3 - Cat cha Monkey Island Resort


Cat tía Monkey Island Resort (Source: Booking) Address: mèo Dua 2 Beach, mèo Dua Island, nhì PhongCat cha is an island favored by nature with beautiful landscapes and a variety of accommodation services to lớn meet the needs of visitors. Hopefully with our suggestions of vị trí cao nhất Cat cha island resorts, visitors have chosen for themselves an ideal stopover when visiting mèo Ba