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Troubleshoot why it"s inconsistent

Click Formulas > Show Formulas.

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Doing that lets you see the formulas in all cells, instead of the calculated results.

Compare the inconsistent formula with ones before & after it, và correct any unintentional inconsistencies.

When you"re done, click Formulas > Show Formulas. That will switch you back khổng lồ showing the calculated results of all cells.

If that doesn"t work, select a cell nearby that doesn"t have the problem.

Click Formulas > Trace Precedents.

Then select the cell that does have the problem.

Click Formulas > Trace Precedents.

Compare the blue arrows or ranges in blue. Then correct any problems with the inconsistent formula.

Click Formulas > Remove Arrows.

More solutions

Make the inconsistent formula the consistent one

Select the cell with the inconsistent formula, & then hold down the SHIFT key while pressing one of your arrow keys. This will select the inconsistent cell along with others. Then do one of the following:

If you selected cells below, press CTRL+D to fill the formula down.

If you selected cells above, click Home > Fill > Up to lớn fill the formula up.

If you selected cells lớn the right, press CTRL+R to lớn fill the formula to lớn the right.

If you selected cells lớn the left, click Home > Fill > Left khổng lồ fill the formula lớn the left.

If you have more cells that need the formula, repeat the above process going in the other direction.

Fill the cell with a nearby formula to lớn correct it

Select the cell with the problem.

Click this button:

 and then select either Copy Formula from Above or Copy Formula from Left.

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If that doesn"t work và you need the formula from the cell below, click Home > Fill > Up.

If you need the formula from the cell khổng lồ the right, click Home > Fill > Left.

Not an error?

If the formula is not an error you can choose to ignore it:

Click Formulas > Error Checking

Then click Ignore Error.

Click OK or Next lớn jump lớn the next error.

Note: If don"t want Excel to kiểm tra for inconsistent formulas lượt thích this, close the Error Checking dialog box. Then click File > Options > Formulas. At the bottom, uncheck Formulas inconsistent with other formulas in the region.If you"re on a Mac, click Excel > Preferences > Error checking & then uncheck Formulas that don"t match nearby formulas.

An error indicator appears when the formula does not match the pattern of other formulas near it. This does not always mean that the formula is wrong. If the formula is wrong, making the cell reference consistent often solves the problem.

For example, to multiply column A by column B, the formulas are A1*B1, A2*B2, A3*B3, and so on. If the next formula after A3*B3 is A4*B2, Excel identifies it as an inconsistent formula, because lớn continue the pattern, the formula should be A4*B4.

Click the cell that contains the error indicator và look at the Formula Bar to lớn verify that cell references are correct.

Click the arrow next to the button that appears.


The shortcut menu shows the options that are available to lớn resolve this warning.

Do any of the following:



Copy Formula from Above

Make the formula consistent by copying the pattern from the cell above. In our example, the formula becomes A4*B4 khổng lồ match the pattern A3*B3 in the cell above.

Ignore Error

Remove the error indicator, for example, if the inconsistency in the formula is intentional or otherwise acceptable.

Edit in Formula Bar

Review the formula syntax và verify that cell references are what you intended.

Error Checking Options

Select the types of errors that you want Excel khổng lồ flag. For example, if you don"t want to lớn see error indicators for inconsistent formulas, clear the Flag formulas that are inconsistent with formulas in adjoining cells check box.


To ignore error indicators for multiple cells at a time, select the range that contains the errors that you want to lớn ignore. Next, click the arrow next lớn the button that appeared , và on the shortcut menu, select Ignore Error.

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To ignore error indicators for a whole sheet, first click a cell that has an error indicator. Then press

+ A khổng lồ select the sheet. Next, click the arrow next khổng lồ the button that appeared , và on the shortcut menu, select Ignore Error.