used before saying something that is not as important as the main subject of conversation, but is connected to lớn it in some way:

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We had a marvellous meal at that restaurant you recommended - incidentally, I must give you the number of a similar one I know.
used when mentioning a subject that has not been discussed before, often making it seem less important than it really is:

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Often diagnosed incidentally or because of the presence of diabetes related complications và accounts for 80-85% of diabetes.
Incidentally, the term "folk theorem" is nowadays also used in other areas for classic results: the folk theorem of evolution, of computing, and so on.
Incidentally, the analysis of the third instance below illustrates how considerable reparative work may be required once co-par ticipant failure is acknowledged.
Not only do both speakers mark the nouns appropriately, they also, incidentally, use appropriate modifiers.
From the 16th century onwards, the existence of the nuraghi was incidentally mentioned in travel accounts.
In the contrast, she incidentally but helpfully reminds readers of important characteristics of face-to-face vocal communication.

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As literacy rates rose, voters were better able to identify themselves &, incidentally, the imposition of literacy tests became politically feasible in many states.
Specifically, a threat made incidentally in the course of maintaining a retributive sầu punishment system is not disrespectful.
The present study was designed to lớn examine whether intermediate learners incidentally (a) acquire & (b) retain unknown vocabulary as a result of reading.
Furthermore, the present study found that words acquired incidentally during reading could be better assessed through learners" receptive sầu vocabulary knowledge than their productive sầu knowledge.
Almost unavoidably - for instance, by incidentally looking through the relevant literature - he will discover others who are busy on more or less closely related problems.




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