Try this trendy and delicious coffee recipe from Korea. Dalgomãng cầu coffee is taking the social truyền thông và main stream truyền thông by storm right now. Would you lượt thích lớn join the hype?

What is Dalgomãng cầu Coffee

Essentially, dalgomãng cầu coffee (달고나 커피) is whipped coffee. It is made with 4 simple ingredients – instant coffee, sugar, hot water và milk.

Coffee, sugar & hot water is added into lớn a bowl and whisked until it reaches creamy, velvety và stiff peak status.

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This whipped coffee is then dolloped onto lớn your choice of cold or warm milk. Done!

As more people are staying at home doing self distancing & isolating in recent months, making dalgona coffee became a fun new challenge to vày at home page. And I have to say, it’s quite delicious too! I hope you join the move sầu.