Shore club, an bang beach


Hoi An is heaven place khổng lồ try fresh sea food. Vietnam is a country that is criss-crossed with rivers và streams, tributaries and deltas as well as being bounded by the East Sea. Sea food in Hoi An is very fresh. You can try sea food at An Bang Beach – local’s favorite beach

Sea Food is very fresh và cheap

How khổng lồ get khổng lồ An Bang Beach?

Basically just follow Hai bố Trung street lớn the coastal road and when you get lớn the intersection, go straight. Distance 4 km

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Local sea food restaurants in An Bang Beach

Two of the best ones are Chien, located on the corner by the parking lot, và Lien Ka’s, next door to lớn Soul Kitchen, which grills the most delicious scallops & squid along with other Vietnamese seafood favourites.

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Tuyet Restaurant (Lo 3 Bien An Bang)

They offer crabs, fried baby squid, grilled clams, BIG lattice sea food spring rolls and tamarind prawns

Banyan Bar (Far left, An Bang beach)

Tel: +84 (0)123 8819 236


Banyan Bar offers regular oyster and mussel promotions. They have a pool table, petanque field and both indoor & outside dining areas. Don’t miss the baked camembert in clay pot.

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La Plage (Far right, An Bang beach)

La Plage specials offering up Leek Pie, Quiche Lorraine, không tính tiền Range Roasted Chicken, Fish of the Day as well as a thực đơn of burgers, sandwiches and more.

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Soul Kitchen (Far left, An Bang beach)

Soul Kitchen serves up incredible local seafood & French dishes. Their thực đơn has special food day by day depending on the market produce. The view is spectacular và there are both dining tables and sofas khổng lồ lounge on). They also have live music often on a Sunday night

It has great chairs, lounge sets, pool table

Fun Bars in An Bang Beach

Banyan Bar usually organizes very cool events with great food and DJs at weekends. La Plage is happy for you to take over the play list và serve up drinks till sunrise.

Tip for parking in An Bang Beach

Good Parking: Look for him on the leftside of the parking lot. He charges an honest price. When you enter An Bang beach, Vietnamese ladies are trying to lớn get you on one of their beach beds for free. This sounds great but they ask you to have lunch at their restaurant later. So you should say no unless you want khổng lồ eat at their restaurants