Ho chi minh city private tour

Saigon on motorbike is a travelling service on bike around TP HCM thành phố provided by Vietnam giới street foods Co., LTD from năm trước. Despite our short – time of running, Saigon on motorxe đạp has achieved lots of goals & received a lot of compliments and encouragement from customers as a result of.

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Please let us know if you (or anyone in your group) are a vegetarian or have a dietary restriction when you purchase tickets. We will vày our best lớn accommodate your needs.
Every traveler knows that when you are trying many foods from different countries you always run the risk having a bad reaction to the food. Vietnam giới is no exception & unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will not get sichồng from the food on our tours.However, the street food is actually safer in many ways the food that you get from a restaurant:Street food has a very high turnover & it is, therefore, always fresh.You are able khổng lồ see how the food is prepared and what goes inkhổng lồ it.The restaurants that we piông chồng are popular with local people.Every restaurant that we include on our tours is carefully checked by us lớn ensure that the food is prepared in a safe & hygienic manner.

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For our tours, you need very little as we provide the most thing that you will need.During the daytime tours, we strongly recommkết thúc that you bring sunscreen và sunglasses with you as the sun can be quite svào. During the nighttime tours, you don"t need khổng lồ bring much stuff.A camera is always a good addition however we urge you not to lớn take pictures while on the motorxe đạp as this can be quite dangerous. If you wish to take pictures, please ask your guides khổng lồ pull over. Also please take extra care of your camera in order lớn avoid theft.

Unfortunately no.

Although riding a motorbike in Vietnam giới is an enjoyable experience, the traffic patterns in Ho Chi Minch City are quite chaotic & requirean experienced and knowledgeable driver. It is also against Vietnamese law to drive without a license và if you get in an accident while driving your insurance will not cover you.

Our team of licensed guides has many years of experienced driving safely in Ho Chi Minc City và we arehappy to drive you around the đô thị. This also allows you lớn pay more attention lớn the sights và sounds of the đô thị without worrying about millions of other motorbikes on the road.