Halong bay one day tour

Pick up, drop off in hai Phong or HanoiVisit Halong bay coreWalk in Sung Sot/Thien Cung/Dau Go caveSwim or Sightseeing at Titop islandPaddle Kayak or bamboo boat rideDaily departure

Hai Phong Halong bay day tour is perfect option for visitors whose bởi not want khổng lồ stay overnight onboard. Book this one day tour with us và you will really enjoy the essential things to bởi vì on Halong bay. You will have 2 or 3 stops during this cruise trip depends on which option you choose.

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Basically, you will have chance to walk in 1 cave, vì kayaking & sightseeing. The options make it different by duration of the trip. It should be from 3 lớn 6 hours on the bay excluding transfer time from hai Phong lớn Halong cất cánh (apx. 1 hour) & via versa. Join in Halong cất cánh day trip from nhì Phong will save your transfer time.

Halong cất cánh day tour options


Titov beach
Fighting cock Halong
Stone dog rock Halong
Incense Burner Halong

Option 1 – recommended

Best experience, almost similar lớn 2 day 1 night routeDuration: 5-6 hoursRoute: Stone Dog, Incense burner, Fighting cock, Sung Sot cave, Titov island – beach, Luon caveActivities: Sightseeing, easy hiking/swimming, cave visit, kayaking/boat rideDaily departure

US$68-95/person(group of 2+)

Select a boatMax 45-65pp/boat: 68$Max 34pp/boat: 95$


Dragon in Thien cung cave
Day cruise
Incense Burner Halong
Stone dog rock Halong
Fighting cock Halong
Sunset on Halong
Thien Cung
Less touristy cave Halong
Unspoiled Dau Go cave

Option 2 – customizable

Less touristy, quality route, full private spaceDuration: 2.5-6 hoursRoute: Stone Dog, Incense burner, Fighting cock, Thien Cung, Dau Go, tía Hang/Sung Sot, Titov, LuonActivities: Sightseeing, cave visit, kayaking/boat ride (swim, hike)

Price based on group size(contact us for more details)


Halong cất cánh day cruise photos (group tour)

Day cruise

Premium day cruise Halong bay

Inside Halong bay day cruise

Sundeck Halong day cruise

Halong day tour activities

Main site Sung Sot cave

Thien Cung

Less touristy cave Halong

Unspoiled Dau Go cave

Dragon in Thien cung cave

Sunset on Halong

Stone dog rock Halong

Enjoy privacy on private boat

Fighting cock Halong

Duration of student tour in nhị Phong

Haiphong school trip


Kayaking at Luon cave

Titov beach

Play football on the beach

Pick up for hai Phong Halong cất cánh day tour

In Haiphong: from 11AMIn Hanoi Old Quarter: from 8h20

To start Halong bay day tour, we pick up people in nhị Phong from 10h30 am to 11h00 am. Meeting point in hai Phong thành phố center can be at your hotel, home or mèo Bi airport (Hai Phong airport). If you land in hai Phong earlier than pick up time, please just relax at coffee cửa hàng right there.

If you are out of nhị Phong đô thị center, please let us know exactly address. Then we will discuss more about private oto transfer or alternative solutions.

We also able lớn pick up in Hanoi Old Quarter from 8h20 to 9h00am. In case you are not in the Old Quarter, please grab taxi to Hanoi Opera House. Then we meet you there at around 9h00 am as the last pick up.

One more option, when you are already in Halong city and want to lớn join in our Halong cất cánh day tour, please present at harbor from 12h00 am. We will confirm harbor name to lớn you directly.

Halong bay day tour schedules

Once arriving at could be Halong International Cruise port or Tuan Chau harbor, we do kiểm tra in customs. All required information should be informed khổng lồ our sale representative before you leave. If you have food restrictions, please bởi not forget to reconfirm with our tour guide. When the cruise leaves, no one can change food menu.

Please keep in mind that the ticket given by our tour guide should be kept carefully. They will check twice or 3 times depends on route you choose.

After settlement, we serve Asian food lunch onboard at the restaurant. This is group tour, then 6 people will nội dung food together on a table. If you want lớn order private table with higher food class, please inform our sale man before. We have 3 options of Halong cất cánh day trip:

Option 1: Sung Sot + Titov + Luon cave (recommended)

This option is recommended by nhị Phong Tours. The time you will spend on the Halong bay is approximated 5-6 hours. It’s not too short và not too long as well. If you spend long time on the bay, you may feel tired và there’s no bed room to lớn rest. 3 of stops are the best on the bay.

(These promo prices are applied in Covid season only. It may be changed later)

Sung Sot cave

During your lunch time, our cruise heads to lớn Sung Sot cave. And on the way, you can express your eyes to admire Halong bay landscape surrounded by thousands of islands and islets. When you reach the first stop, it’s also the bộ vi xử lý core of Halong bay. And this is highlight of nhì Phong Halong bay day tour. Take your time và enjoy every moment there.

To get to Sung Sot cave’s entrance at 30 meter high, you may need lớn pass 100 concrete steps. So please consider your health.

The Sung Sot cave was found by French in 1901 và named Grotte des Surprises. This cave covers around 10.000 sqm with 30 meters high. There are 2 different caverns with their own beauties. The first one is small with Fairy Well on the left hand. Keep going to a unique, small way, you will be at the main cavern. It’s large enough khổng lồ accommodate 1.000 people at the same time.

We spend around 50 minutes here. Then we move to lớn Titop island nearby khổng lồ continue Halong bay day tour.

Titop island (Titov)

The Titop is separated island located at around 14 km away from harbor. It’s named by President Ho bỏ ra Minh in 1962. That was the time he & Russian cosmonaut Gherman Titov visited the island. Ho đưa ra Minh named the island Titop as a gift for him.

Titov island has a total area of 0,037 km² with 110 meters (360 ft) in height. You may need lớn spend 450 steps to lớn reach the peak. This is the only beach khổng lồ swim in your Halong cất cánh day trip.

On reaching the Titop island, we do spend around 1 hour here. If you plan to swim, please bring towel, clothes or necessary things with. You can not come back to the cruise. As it’s not allowed khổng lồ anchor right at the island. & washing shower fee not included in the package (around 50.000VND ~2.5USD per person).

Now, please choose either bởi swimming, sunbathing at the beach or reach the Titop peak for sightseeing. Certainly, you can bởi all within 50 mins – 60 hours if you think you can.

You should also bring small bottle of water with you or buy right on the cruise, on island. Vì not bring plastic bottle.

Next, we get back to lớn the day cruise and continue Halong bay day tour at Luon cave.

Luon cave

Luon cave or Luon lake is must go place on visiting Halong bay especially in day tour. At this stop, you are miễn phí to choose either paddle kayak or have seat on bamboo boat. You will vày around trip through Luon cave to a lake.

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The cave that you will get through is around 100 meter long & 3 meter wide. However, to lớn get through this cave, we need lớn consider tidal flows. Its depth could be from 4 khổng lồ 2.5 meters or even lower. Once passing the cave, you will be at the lake. This is where you can see sheer limestone cliffs, monkeys… I would recommend you khổng lồ choose kayaking for the best experience of Halong cất cánh day tour!

After finishing 3 stops: Sung Sot cave, Titop island & Luon cave, we get back to lớn harbor & Option 1 finished.

When you have limited time to travel, this option is the best. We can arrange your Halong cất cánh day trip shortest.

If you are looking for full private space, this is your choice.

When you want lớn see the more natural cave: Dau Go, you can not miss this out!!!

Please cảnh báo that timetable, food, schedule can be adjusted base on your availability. So please tương tác us lớn discuss more lớn make your trip perfectly!

Drop off after Halong cất cánh day tour

Regarding to lớn drop off options, we can bring you back to Hai Phong city center, Hai Phong airport (Cat Bi airport) or Hanoi Old Quarter. If you need khổng lồ get dropped off at Hanoi airport, we will bring you to lớn Hanoi. Then please grab taxi to lớn airport. Or you can go directly to Hanoi airport by using our private oto transfer service.

Drop off time option 1:

Hanoi Old Quarter: 08:30pm – 09:00pmHai Phong: 06:30pm – 07:00pm (Cat Bi airport or thành phố center)

Drop off time option 2:

Depends on schedule

Round way car/bus transferLunch onboard (vegetarian food available)English speaking tour guide onboardAll entrance feesKayaking or bamboo boat trip ride
What khổng lồ bring with me for the Halong cất cánh day tour?There are some things lớn bring with such as: flip flop, camera, sản phẩm điện thoại phone, cap, sun cream, sunglasses, towel, clothes.Do I need lớn bring passport to lớn the day cruise?Passport is required if you stay overnight onboard only. This is day cruise tour. So you bởi not need khổng lồ bring it with.Can I bring water to the boat?Yes you can. But please vị not bring plastic bottle. Glass or inox bottle is fine. Wine maybe charged for service fee.Is it ok lớn pick up in Hanoi và drop off in hai Phong?Yes it is. This is very common. Or you can vị pick up in nhị Phong, drop off in Hanoi also.I am vegetarian, can you prepare food for me?Yes we can. We will serve tofu, streamed rice, vegetable, peanut, fish sauce instead.

Join in Halong bay day tour from nhị Phong city is new trending now. Tourists will get tons of benefits on choosing this option. Also, Halong bay day tour is more popular and more suitable to everyone. Let’s nhận xét Hai Phong Halong bay day tour now!

Transfer khổng lồ Halong bay

When you vị this day tour with hai Phong Tours, we will go on highway (Hanoi > nhị Phong và Hai Phong > Halong). Then the transfer time is shorten almost một nửa (Hanoi > Halong: 2.5h drive, hai Phong > Halong: 50mins drive). From Hanoi Old Quarter, we use high-class bus to pick up people. But in nhị Phong, we use oto instead such as Toyota Vios, Altis or Innova.

If you are looking for better car, we also have Fortuner, Camry or Sedona for business man.

Pros: more comfortable, fasterCons: more cost

Itinerary of day tour

In this Halong bay day tour, you all will visit the most beautiful attractions on Halong bay such as Sung Sot, Thien Cung, Luon cave/Ba Hang. The option 1 brings you experiences almost the same as the itinerary for 2 days 1 night tour. But when you vày this day tour, you have no chance khổng lồ stay overnight on the bay. & time to lớn visit each stops is rusher.

The best things to vì on Halong cất cánh are: visit Karst cave, sightseeing, swim, kayak paddling, bamboo boat ride, visit pearl farm. Và in this tour, you will vì 5/6 of them already. So I can say, itinerary of this tour is duable.

Besides, there are 3 routes khổng lồ go for Halong cất cánh day tour:

Thien Cung cave + bố Hang (3-4 hours)Sung Sot cave + Titop island + Luon cave (5-6 hours)Thien Cung cave (or also Dau Go cave) + Sung Sot cave + Titop island + Luon cave (7-8 hours)

The route 2 is recommended by nhị Phong Tours as it’s not too short as well as not too long. Spending 5-6 hours for continuous activities is suitable for everyone. If it’s longer, you maybe tired by sea wind & have no room khổng lồ rest.

Pros: visit all most all the best things to do on Halong bayCons: quite rush

Halong cất cánh day cruise

When you book our Halong cất cánh day tour (Halong bay day trip), group tour option, we use luxury day cruise (4 star) khổng lồ run. It’s made of, covered by iron with max load of 29 passengers. Our Halong cất cánh day cruise is totally different from the once at the harbor for basic local people.

The cruise features modern facilities with A/C inside, decent chất lượng of food và beverages. There are a lot of rooms & arm chairs for relaxing on sundeck. You will have luxurious spaces to check in, selfie…

Pros: luxurious experienceCons: more cost

Tour guide

All of English speaking tour guides on Halong bay day cruise are well-trained & have International Tour Guide License. They are young, knowledgeable, enthusiastic và funny.

Pros: professionalCons: only speak English. If you need tour guide speak other language, please request us in advance with more fee.

Food and Drinks

During your Halong bay day trip, we serve decent lunch with great fresh seafood, fruits. All dishes are cook in Asian food style. Vegetarian food’s also available on request in advance. 6 persons vì chưng share food on a table. Private table with better menu’s also available on request in advance.

Pros: well decoration, fine diningCons: can not order or change order after cruise leaves

Buy Halong souvenir

Halong is famous for real pearl. You can find small cửa hàng selling at almost all stops. But the word “real” must be considered if you have knowledge about pearl. If you plan to buy the real one, you can go to lớn reputable cửa hàng inland. They have certificate tag with each product.

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Other option, you may consider “Nón Lá” for woman, things made of shells, T-shirt with Halong text, brocade handbag…

Pros: easy to lớn find, handleCons: need lớn bargain, hard khổng lồ verify origin

Book Halong bay day tour

To Book hai Phong Halong cất cánh day tour, we provide some convenient options as following:

About is everything about nhị Phong Halong cất cánh day tour (Halong bay day trip). If you need us lớn clarify anything else, please contact us.