Ha Giang To Sapa By Minivan, Bus And Private Transfer


The dramatic scenery of the northern provinces of Vietnam has been alluring travelers for several years now. Spectacular mountain views and the strong ethnic minority presence here make it a can’t miss on your Vietnam holiday. Now it times for you lớn learn how to travel from Ha Giang lớn Sapa.

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Ha Giang and Sapa are 2 of the most attractive destinations in the North of Vietnam. Not only famous for the great nature, amazing scenery, or stunning yellow rice terrace, but the destinations also attract millions of tourists every year with the unique & diverse culture of the ethnic minorities living in the area.

If you are confused about which place you should come to, because there are so many things interesting that you can’t tell which one is better: Ha Giang with the remarkable natural beauty, epic mountain passes, và ethnic tribe culture or the highland town of Sapa with its mist-covered mountains, French architecture houses, plunging valleys & mountains towering above on all sides. The advice is don’t think much, visit both.

Ha Giang lớn Sapa distance & travel time

Sapa and Ha Giang are gateways to lớn the outstanding mountain scenery of Vietnam’s northwest. Traveling from Ha Giang lớn Sapa, you can enjoy the truest pristine beauty of the scenery here, & the life of the local ethnic minorities on these mountains. The travel distance from Ha Giang khổng lồ Sapa is 235 km.

It sounds not too far, but since there are continuous windings & turns, it takes at least 5 - 6 hours khổng lồ travel that distance.


How to lớn get from Ha Giang lớn Sapa

There is no airport near Sapa or railway station in Ha Giang, so when traveling the 235km distance from Sapa to Ha Giang, you only have 3 options: you can consider taking a bus & using a private car service or ride a motorbike.

Ha Giang lớn Sapa bus

It takes 8-9 hours to lớn get from Ha Giang khổng lồ Sapa by bus. Depending on the traffic, sometimes the bus arrives 30 minutes earlier or later than scheduled. Some bus companies can stretch out your legs và relax on the 8 hours journey from Sapa to lớn Ha Giang or vice versa, & you can book it by yourself or via a travel agent.

It’s fine if you want to book the ticket by yourself, but you should expect a language barrier because most bus companies" staff are not fluent in English. Paying a few dollars extra lớn book the ticket, travel agents will give you the best option of schedule & bus service.


Ha Giang lớn Sapa private car

It cost around 150-200 USD khổng lồ travel by 4 seats private car from Ha Giang to lớn Sapa. Despite the high price, private oto service is the most flexible way to lớn transport. You can choose any time convenient for you to depart and freely stop in any beautiful place in the middle of the path.

Moreover, with an experienced driver, you can get the best advice on which is the most beautiful way khổng lồ travel, stop getting the best photo, or contact the most authentic food. You also haven"t khổng lồ worry about the weather or getting lost because this is not lượt thích the bus, you don’t need to lớn come to any bus station.

The driver will come lớn pick you up directly at your place and take you khổng lồ exactly the destination you want. Not lớn mention the high price, a private car is the most convenient option to travel from Ha Giang to lớn Sapa.


Ha Giang lớn Sapa motorbike

Suppose you are an adventurer or want to experience the most authentic way of traveling to enjoy all of the great nature instead of traveling from Ha Giang to lớn Sapa by bus or private car. In that case, the motorbike is better option as journey between two mountain towns is just as thrilling as the landscape.

Since the purpose of a lot of travelers choosing a motorbike trip is to self-discover the landscape, there are 2 main route options to consider, one is the direct route which is 235 km long-staying, mostly on the main road và also the same route with most of the bus.

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The other is khổng lồ drive on the Vietnam - trung quốc border route. This way can take days to lớn travel because the roads are extremely mountainous và the views are superb. Connecting dozens of small minority hamlets & remote army outposts, the border road climbs up & down several mountains & above deep river gorges, going through the strange settlement of si mê Ma Cai và on to lớn the famous market town of Bac Ha. Anyway, riding from Sapa lớn Ha Giang is an epic và scenic road trip that is really worth giving a try.


Local tips lớn get to Sapa from Ha Giang

- If you are not used to the winding roads of the Northwest mountainous, equip yourself with some motion sickness patch & medicine while traveling by bus or car, it will help you avoid vomit và get tired quite good.

- When packing, don’t forget to lớn keep passport và personal documents with you, & save some copies in the luggage. That is only for the bad situations, but you will never know if there’s any chance you get some small troubles during the journey.

- kiểm tra the schedule carefully to make sure that you will not miss your bus.

- On some buses, they will not allow you to eat on board, but that’s okay with the others, so maybe you should ask in advance và prepare some snacks since the traveling time is long & perhaps you get hungry.

- We know that all sorts of alcohol in northern mountainous areas are good, but we have to advise you not to drink too much, nor get drunk before you travel from Sapa khổng lồ Ha Giang or vice versa, not only feel tired, you can also face the risk of missing your arrival.

- và last but not least, travel insurance is a really important paper that you should never skip.


In a nutshell, a trip from Ha Giang to Sapa - the most outstanding destinations of the Northern mountainous area is a dream of a lot of adventurers who want lớn discover every inch of Vietnam. No matter what time bởi vì you travel, or which means of transportation bởi you use, it is an amazing journey.

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