Ba Na Hills has been in the news a lot recently due khổng lồ images of their lakiểm tra attraction “The Golden Bridge” going viral. In this article, we’re going to provide you all the information you need in order khổng lồ get the most out of all the things to vày at Ba Na Hills.

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The complete guide lớn Bana Hills and the Golden Bridge

 Ba Na Hills Guide: Common Questions

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What time lớn go?

The peak tourist season is the summer so the park will be very crowded between April and August. If you don’t like crowds, we would recommover visiting during the low season between January và March, or during the winter months, from October lớn December. During the low season, we recommkết thúc you kiểm tra the local Danang weather as it can get very blustery & might affect your photos.

Coming from Hoi An?

2 ways lớn get lớn Ba Na Hills from Hoi An or Da Nang

Ba Na Hill is located 70km northwest of Central Hoi An. It will take you about 2 hours to lớn get khổng lồ Ba Na Hills from Hoi An by oto và about 45 minutes lớn get there from the center of Da Nang. If you’re staying in Hoi An, you have sầu lớn first pass through Da Nang in order khổng lồ get khổng lồ Ba Na Hills. The easiest ways to lớn go to Ba Na Hills is to hire a private oto, taxi, or Graboto. You can order a Graboto by downloading the “Grab” app on your điện thoại thông minh. The cheapest way to lớn visit Ba Na Hills, aside from driving there on a motorxe đạp is by buying a package with a tour company & traveling there in a group by bus.

1. By Bus

A couple of tour companies that sell packages lớn Ba Na Hills are The Sinh Tourist & Legend Travel. The prices of these packages range from 1.000.000 VND – 1.400.000 VND ($45-$60 USD), & includes entry tickets khổng lồ the park, transport khổng lồ Ba Na Hills by bus, a Búp Phê lunch, an English speaking tour guide, và travel insurance! Since the tickets to Ba Na Hills alone costs 750,000 VND, you’re only paying 300,000 VND to 700,000 VND extra for transport, lunch, và the tour guide! The downside of these packages is that you are forced khổng lồ follow the itinerary and schedule of the tour companies.

Getting a bus khổng lồ Ba Na Hills2. Private car/taxi /Grabcar

If you don’t want to follow someone else’s schedule then traveling by car will offer you the most flexibility. If there are 4 or more people in your group it is also probably the cheapest & most comfortable way khổng lồ get to lớn Ba Na Hills. You can rent a 4-7 seat oto or xe taxi for between 700.000 VND – 1.000.000 VND/ day ($31-$50 USD). The oto will piông chồng you up at your hotel & drop you off at Ba Na Hills at the time of your choosing & you can Gọi the driver whenever you wish to leave. Most hotels should be able to arrange a private oto or taxi for you.

You can also order a Graboto via the “Grab” phầm mềm but it might cost you more than a private car/taxi which offers a pre-negotiated round trip price. Also, the rate of Grabcars can fluctuate dramatically during times of high dem&.

What time should I arrive at the Park?

Ba Na Hills opens from 7:30 AM to lớn 9:30 PM. We recommover visiting between 9AM to 5PM as there are more interesting things lớn vì chưng during these times.

Buying Tickets for Ba Na Hills 

There are many booths in front of the park that sell one-day entry tickets. The price for adults is 750,000 VND ($33 USD); The price for children between đơn.3 meters tall is 600,000 VND ($26). Entrance is miễn phí for children shorter than 1m. The price includes round trip rides on the cable oto and entrance to most of the attractions in the park. Please keep in mind that there is an additional fee to lớn enter the wax museum & some games in Fantasy Park also cost extra.

Ba Na Hills Cable Car Entrance 

To get inlớn the park, you will have sầu to lớn take a cable car. The Ba Na Hills cable oto ride is the highest & longest cable oto system in the world. It stretches 5,801 meters long and peaks at 1,368 meters high, which are both world records! The cable car system was built following European standards and offers a spectacular view of Da Nang và the surrounding forest. Please keep in mind that during the high season and most weekends, there will be long lines lớn get into lớn the park. You may have to lớn wait in line for 30 minutes khổng lồ 1 hour before you get lớn take the cable car up Ba Na Hills.

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Ride on the longest cable car in the world at Ba Na Hills

Things to lớn eat at Ba Na Hills?

When you get hungry, there are a few restaurants in the park for you khổng lồ choose from. La Lavande, Doumer, & Brasserie all offer extensive sầu menus. Choose between phối menus, barbecue, fast food or buffet options. However, most visitors choose the buffet but if you are visiting with friends or family, we recommkết thúc choosing the phối thực đơn. If you want to lớn dine with a great view of the French Village we recommover eating at Morin.

Where lớn stay?

The majority of visitors khổng lồ Ba Na Hills stay at hotels outside the park. However, if you think that 1-day visit is not enough, the 4-star Mercure Ba Na Hills French Village Hotel is nearby. This lovely 4-star hotel offers all the elegance & style you would expect from a khách sạn in old France. Prices per night at this hotel range from 1-3 million VND for a double room.

The Mercure Ba Na Hills French Village Hotel

What is there to lớn bởi in Ba Na Hills?

The French village

It is described as a miniature “Europe” in the heart of Danang. You will experience the beautiful architecture of Renaissance Europe with replicas of old churches, shops, eateries, và hotels,… inspired by real European buildings. So, wear your nicest clothes & get yourself camera ready, you will have sầu a ton of great photo opportunities!

Shoot amazing photos at the French Village in Bana HillsThe Debay Wine Cellar

This wine cellar was constructed by the French in 1923 with the ayên of preserving various types of fermented fruits. The Debay Wine Cellar now offers a large stocked bar with cocktails, light snacks, various grapes, và wine vintages. Before the wine is bottled, it is made and stored in oak barrels, which brings about a feeling of nostalgia.

Jardin D’Amour

This beautifully decorated European-style garden is where you’ll find lots of visitors taking photos. Romantic, classic, elegant, colorful, và impressive – This flower garden is divided inlớn 9 smaller ones, each with its own interesting story & quality architectural style.

Enjoy the huge variety of flowers at Le Jardin D’AmourLinc Ung Pagoda

For visitors who want to find a spiritual place, you can visit this ancient Pagodomain authority located on the top of Ba Na Mountain; 1,500 meters above sầu sea cấp độ. This Pagodomain authority is one of three Pagodas named Linch Ung in Da Nang, & definitely the highest of the three. The main attraction of this particular pagoda is a beautiful, Trắng 27 meter tall Buddha statue.

Fantasy Park

With an area of 21,000 mét vuông, Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park was inspired by “đôi mươi,000 Leagues Under the Sea.” The park is the largest entertainment center in the country. There are plenty of fun rides & games for both children and adults. Games for adults we would recommkết thúc include The Drop Tower, 4 chiều Death Race, and indoor rochồng climbing.

Have sầu fun with rides & games in Fantasy park

Along with those activities, you can also try the very first Funicular (enclosed cable car) in South East Asia, ride the Alpine Coaster, visit the Wax Museum, and immerse yourself in the cool Mo stream nearby.


The Golden Bridge, which just opened in June, has instantly become the most popular tourist attraction in Da Nang. Located 1000 meters above sầu sea level the world famous bridge is 150 meters long & is supported by two massive sầu stone hands. Described as, “giant hands of gods, pulling a strip of gold out of the lvà.” Many travelers have likened the bridge to lớn something from Game Of Thrones và Lord Of The Rings. On foggy days, The bridge will make you feel like you are walking through heaven surrounded by clouds. It’s simply an amazing place khổng lồ enjoy the majestic beauty of nature and take beautiful photos.

The Golden Bridge at Bamãng cầu Hills

Important Tips on Ba Na Hills

Please keep in mind that Ba Na Hills does not allow visitors to lớn bring food inlớn the park. However, you won’t go hungry, as there are a lot of food kiosks and restaurants all over the premises.Guests are allowed lớn bring drinks to lớn stay hydrated.Rethành viên khổng lồ wear sunscreen during the hot season (April to lớn August).Bring your jacket in winter time (October to lớn December) when temperatures can drop down khổng lồ 13-15 degrees Celsius.If you want lớn immerse yourself in the refreshing Mo stream, you can also bring your swimsuit.Finally, although the locals all seem to lớn love sầu Ba Na Hills, with its mixture of exotic European và Asian architecture, most travelers seem khổng lồ either love sầu or hate the resort. When you visit Ba Na Hills, you’ll likely see thousands of Vietnamese people taking photos và selfies everywhere!

Ba Na hills may not be for you if you think throngs of people snapping endless selfies in replica European towns are cheesy. However, if you love crazy architecture và want memorable photos, then Ba Na Hills is the perfect place for unforgettable photos.

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 In our opinion, we think a visit lớn Ba Na Hills is worth it alone for the amazing cable car ride và “The Golden Bridge.”

We hope you find this blog post about Ba Na Hills helpful. If you’re looking for something quality lớn vày while in Hoi An, you might consider trying one of XO Tours’ super fun Hoi An day tours. You can learn more about our walking Hoi An food tour và our Hoi An Scooter Tour by visiting our Hoi An website.