Monkey island in Vietnam is situated in the Halong bay and is a popular tourist attraction. Almost all the tours that leave from Cat ba island will menu or encourage you to lớn visit this island. Neither Shawn nor I were particularly interested in seeing any more monkeys after our episode in Indonesia. You can’t however change a tour schedule and we reluctantly joined the troop. I can’t say that we didn’t have fun for we did!

In fact, in retrospect I would highly recommend adding Monkey island khổng lồ your itinerary. Why? For three reasons. Monkey island in Vietnam has two gorgeous beaches which you can chill at if you are not too adventurous. They are populated with monkeys. Duh! So you should keep your belongings close.

The second reason is the fun hike up the mountain in the center. It isn’t too hard to get up và when you do, you will see reason number 3 aka the incredible view of Lan Ha bay.

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Where Is Monkey Island In Vietnam?

Monkey island is part of the Cat bố archipelago which houses almost 400 islands of different sizes. The island is rather pristine. I say rather because tourists tend khổng lồ leave their trash here. I’m given to understand that locals clean up the area frequently.

The island got its name from the 20 odd monkeys that live on it. These primates are used lớn human activity and you will find that they vị not shy away from human contact. In fact in most instances it is the tourists who are forced to run. Yours truly included!

How khổng lồ Get to lớn Monkey Island In Vietnam?

Monkey island in Vietnam can usually only be visited as a stop on one of the tours that leave either from Beo harbour or from one of the smaller islands. Our tour started off from Cat bố island. The over night cruises also make a stop here but you would have to check the itinerary. Alternatively you could charter a boat but that would be pricey & I would not recommend it.

Monkey Island In Vietnam Was Our Last Stop


Our first glimpse at the Vietnamese monkeys on Monkey island in Vietnam.

Monkey island was the last island that we docked on during our Halong bay tour. The shore is shallow & our boat could go only so far. Smaller boats arrived khổng lồ ferry us khổng lồ shore.

It seemed a little surreal to watch the monkey’s darting to và fro on the soft sand. I even saw a few chase an unsuspecting tourist. Thankfully that did not happen khổng lồ be. I have a healthy aversion to monkeys after our incident in Monkey forest, Indonesia

Be forewarned: Monkey bites are plentiful as the monkeys are used lớn having their way. It is prudent khổng lồ stay on your guard.


Let’s just have some evening booze

It was part sad và part funny to lớn see the monkeys imitate human behavior. They pick out cans and bottles from the dumpsters và drink in hopes of finding a sip of the sweet drinks that once lay within. Some of the monkeys will even make threatening noises when they see you.

Others try lớn steal what you have in your hand. It is a routine that seems well worn into all South Asian countries where monkeys are the prime attraction. The primates on monkey island in Vietnam are no different.

Monkey Island In Vietnam Isn’t Just About The Monkeys


It is not as easy as it looks!

While tourists are inclined to lớn believe that Monkey island is all about monkeys, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Monkey island has a short trek that takes you up to the peak of the island. This peak offers you one of the best views of the bay. Make sure that you have proper footwear if you want to attempt this trek. Flip flops make it extremely difficult!


The unexpected proposal

I’m not much of a climber because of my fear of heights so I stopped a few meters off from the top. Shawn made it up lớn the peak only to find a monkey perched strategically at the top. I think the monkey quite fancied my husband for she made a lunge at him. Luckily for me, he didn’t accept & made it back to lớn me safe and sound.

Sunset On The Beach At Monkey Island, Vietnam


Adieus amigos!

Monkey island in Vietnam is also perfect for watching the sunset. With the over of the day closing in, we watched as the sun gave us her final adieu for the day.

Tours That Take You khổng lồ Monkey Island

Most of the tours take you to Monkey island in Halong Bay. I’ve included some overnight cruises that you will probably find interesting.

2-Day Traditional Cruise khổng lồ Lan Ha Bay & Cat bố Island

⭐️ Rating: 4/5 (7 Reviews) Price: $202 per person Duration: 2 days Details: Read more on Get Your Guide Now!

Take a short 2 day cruise through Lan Ha Bay. I say short because this tour takes you through all the highlights in a short duration. You also get khổng lồ visit Ca cha island and Monkey island. Both of which are definitely worth stopping at.

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“The Cruise was excellent, as well as the destination of mèo Ba and Lan Hay cất cánh (much less crowded than Halong bay but equally beautiful).”

Anonymous (read more đánh giá now!)

We actually stayed at Cat bố island for 5 days so I really know what I’m talking about when I say that the island is worth a stop.

Oh & you get lớn visit the Twin beach & Ben Beo floating village. Let’s not forget about the epic adventure of kayaking through the lagoons & tunnels in the Hang Ca area.

Don’t worry about food & drinks either. You get your meals on board. You even can enjoy cocktails at the bar on three peaches island before heading back to your cruise ship.

6-day tour of Halong bay – Sapa from Hanoi

⭐️ Rating: 5/5 (1 Reviews) Price: $296 per person Duration: 6 days 📍Meeting Point: Hanoi Details: Read more on Viator Now!

This is an interesting 6 day tour. It covers a lot of sights in the north of Vietnam so if you are looking for someone lớn take care of your entire itinerary in the North, this may well be the tour for you. The tour covers three iconic places. The itinerary is as follows:

Day 1 – Halong cất cánh – You get lớn swim, kayak and catch the sights in the area.

Day 2 – Ti vị trí cao nhất Beach and Sung Sot Cave

Day 3 – Lan Ha Bay, mèo Ba, Monkey island

Day 4 – Sapa – Muong Hoa Valley – Hau Thao village

Day 5 – Giang Ta Chai – Ban Ho Village

Day 6 – Ban Ho – Su Pan – Sapa

As you can see, the tour allows plenty of time to explore and see the area. This is one of the reasons why I included it here.

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Monkey island has two main attractions: the monkeys & the view point.Proper footwear will aid you in your climb to lớn the top.Monkey bites are common so be on you guard và do not agitate them.Monkey island has two main attractions: the monkeys và the view point.Proper footwear will aid you in your climb to the top.Monkey bites are common so be on you guard và do not agitate them.