Sapa to cat ba

Know before you goThere is 1 operator that run from Sapa lớn Cat bố Island, with 2 departure per day. If you decide lớn take a Bus+Ferry, you can take the VIP Cabin option.

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Know before you goThe Sapa to Cat ba Island bus drives và later boards a ferry khổng lồ cross water. There’s no bathroom on board, but, the bus makes break stops. Make sure lớn bring an eye mask, ear plugs, and warm clothes in order to avoid discomforts.


About the ride from Sapa lớn Cat tía Island

There"s nowhere better to lớn head to lớn after a trekking trip in Sapa than Cat ba Island in the northeast of Vietnam. All of that mountain air will have done wonders for your energy levels, no doubt, but the chance to soak up the salty sea breeze on the coast is even more relaxing. Cat tía Island (translating as Women"s Island) is one of the largest in Lan Ha Bay, adjacent lớn Ha Long Bay, và features many similar scenes of fishing villages & limestone mountains.

One of the benefits of visiting Cat cha Island rather than islands in Halong bay is that there aren"t as many tourists. Also, aside from the phối of hillside trails, fishing villages & secluded beaches, Cat bố Island also holds some historic value too. Hospital Cave, especially, is well worth a visit while you"re there. It was once a secret bombproof hospital used during the war with the USA & still has that eerie presence that brings the horrors of conflict flooding back to life.

The ride from Sapa to Cat cha Island is quite a long one, at just over ten hours. A couple of sleeper buses depart each day and offer a fairly comfortable journey with several rest breaks along the way. The earliest bus leaves at 8am và gets you into Cat ba Island in the afternoon, via a short ferry ride. The latest, the overnight bus, is at 8.30pm and drives through the night. Both buses board the ferry which takes you across to lớn the island.

The distance from Sapa lớn Cat bố Island is 368 kilometers (228 miles) & it"s a good idea to book accommodation in advance so you can hit the ground running. Otherwise you might find yourself queuing for cabs or haggling with hostel representatives. Although that can actually be quite fun sometimes, right?

Buses are equipped with sleeper seats that are almost lượt thích beds – think couchettes on French trains rather than hotel standard. You will be able to lớn sleep throughout the journey, especially if you remember to pack a blackout eye mask, ear plugs & travel pillow. Air conditioning keeps the chill factor on full blast but blankets are provided to lớn balance things out a touch.

There aren"t any bathrooms on board so rest stops are regular which can be most welcome or a little bit annoying if you"ve just got off khổng lồ sleep. Water is also freely available on board however, snacks are not. Purchase provisions in Sapa before you leave or pay over the odds at roadside service stations – the choice is yours.

What khổng lồ see when traveling from Sapa lớn Cat tía Island

If you"re taking the evening bus from Sapa lớn Cat ba Island you"re not going khổng lồ be able lớn see a great deal, even if you get a window sleeper seat. However, if you"re leaving at 8am, you can expect to see lots of mountain scenery as you start to make the 368 kilometer (228 mile) journey towards the coast.

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Along the way you might also get to lớn see sidewalk stalls và rural villages as well as terraced rice paddies & forests of bamboo. However, sleeper buses aren"t renowned for their window viewing potential. You"ll be better off bedding down for the journey rather than keeping a hopeful eye on the window for anything more exciting than passing traffic.

Rest stops throughout the journey allow travelers to stretch their legs và use the restrooms – there are no bathrooms on the bus so grab the opportunity when you can. As you get closer lớn the ferry port that takes the whole bus over to Cat cha Island you"ll begin lớn see more of the coast. This can be a really beautiful sight, especially so if you"ve been traveling through the night và are witnessing the sun rise over the limestone islands, just offshore, for the first time.

It"s certainly a good idea lớn have accommodation on Cat tía Island booked in advance. If you have pre-booked you might also find a representative waiting for you on arrival who can help with bags và transport. Of course, you can always take a taxi or walk into town lớn find somewhere khổng lồ stay. It"s a large island but not so large that you"re going to lớn get lost walking from the central drop off point. There will always be someone around khổng lồ help and often making a few pals during the bus ride can lead you to lớn places that you won"t find in the guide books.

How khổng lồ get from Sapa to Cat bố Island

Taking a bus

The bus ride from Sapa lớn Cat cha Island is quite lengthy (just over 10 hours) but the good news is that the bus has sleeper seats, air conditioning and không tính tiền blankets to lớn encourage passengers lớn rest as they ride. It"s certainly advisable khổng lồ pack a sleep mask, travel pillow and ear plugs at the vị trí cao nhất of your hand luggage. Water is available on board, và there will be plenty of rest breaks so you can stretch your legs, use the facilities và purchase some snacks if you"ve not brought anything from Sapa.

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There"s not lots khổng lồ see out of the window on these types of sleeper buses from Sapa khổng lồ Cat tía Island. Departure times are at 8.00 am và 8.00 pm. This means you can arrive on Cat ba Island in the early morning or late afternoon. Some travelers prefer to make the journey in the dark so as to lớn get the best chance of sleep, others prefer lớn arrive in the afternoon và then look for accommodation.

Booking a place khổng lồ stay on Cat ba Island is definitely a good idea, especially if you"re arriving early in the morning. Although, you can always expect to find a few local cab drivers & accommodation representatives no matter when you arrive.