Hanoi capital has been famous for many specialties for a long time. Hanoi people are famous for their elegance, gourmet, stylish và taste. The delicacies here have sầu come inkhổng lồ the folk tuy vậy, living in the consciousness, affection of each person.

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In Hanoi Old Quarter, there are many streets named local food or products, such as Cha Ca Street, Hang Ga Street, Hang Bot Street, Hang Chao Street, Hang Bun Street … this way of naming is rare in other cities. When you want khổng lồ buy something or enjoy food, people just go lớn the street named that thing.


Mentioning to lớn Hanoi, people think of elegance & sophistication in the way khổng lồ dress, prepare và enjoy delicious food. Eating is not simply a matter of eating but it is also a hobby, a way to lớn express each person’s personality và interests.

To feel the culture, style or habits of Hanoi people, you should wake up early, immerse yourself in the exercise people, watch the hawkers, breakfast places và vì not forget choosing for yourself a delicious dish such as Pho, Bun rieu cua, hot “banh cuon”, bun thang .. or simply hot donut.

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Best food in Hanoi Old QuarterExperience eating in Hanoi

Best food in Hanoi Old Quarter

If you are traveling khổng lồ Hanoi Old Quarter for the first time, you will be overwhelmed by food stalls, with many dishes that make it difficult for you lớn make an accurate choice. Now would lượt thích to introduce some delicious dishes in Hanoi Old Quarter for your choices.

1. Pho (Noodle Soup)

Pho is a dish not lớn be missed when traveling to lớn Hanoi. Famous beef noodle dish is Pho Quoc Quoc Su. If you want to lớn eat chicken noodle soup, you should go to lớn chicken noodle restaurant located on Quan Thanh khô street.

Unique tasting sweet và sour noodle soup at Pho Hanh (Lan Ong street) or Pho restaurant located on Luong Van Can street. Pan-fried Pho is at Bat Dan street. If you come to lớn Hanoi và you didn’t enjoy Pho, you would had never been there.

* would lượt thích to lớn recommover you a Pho restaurant in Hanoi that diners are so crowded that they often have lớn queue for a long time to lớn buy Pho, which is Bat Dan.

Address is at 49 Bat Dan, the shop opens in the morning from 6:30 – 8:30. Price: about VND 60,000/ bowl.

Pho is present in all provinces of Vietphái mạnh, but only enjoying Pho in Hanoi is really delicious. 49 Bat Dan heirloom pho is true to the taste và special style that Hanoi people, wherever they go, they cannot forget it.

There are a few interesting things lớn eat in Bat Dan noodle, delicious pho, fresh & fragrant beef, sweet bone broth, just lượt thích traditional Hanoi pho. But the most special thing is that customers who come here must queue and pay in advance and then have to lớn bring the hot noodles to lớn their seats by themselves. When you invite each other to lớn enjoy Pho Dan, you should go with 2 people, 1 person buys pho and 1 person holds a seat first because the restaurant is very crowded.

Line up khổng lồ buy Bat Dan pho

The queuing scene is not the scene of jostling in the messy queue and worrying about holding on to the wallet lest it be picked up by the crooks, lining up to lớn wait to lớn enjoy a delicious Pho so everyone is calm , someone even brought the newspaper lớn read, leisurely waiting for his turn.

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Bat Dan noodle cửa hàng is quite small, low, only a few rough wooden furniture tables, old, has existed for nearly half a century but not much has changed. The noodle kitchen is located near the entrance. A man exaggeratedly sliced ​​thin but large pieces from the fragrant cooked beef causing cow odor.

The beef flank or beef brisket is not too fat, but it is like wax, crunchy, not tough, very attractive sầu to the eyes, smell & taste of customers. Squeeze a few drops of bitter sour of lemon with a bit of hot chili sauce, add some bagel twists (quay) , you can swirl the bowl of hot noodles on a cold windy day.

2. Bun Cha

Bun phụ vương Hang Manh, Bun thân phụ Mai Hac De, Bun phụ thân Huong Lien (Bun cha Obama) are famous bun phụ thân restaurants of Ha Noi, because of their characteristic flavor, beautiful presentation and especially very delicious.


In the old town of Hanoi, to lớn enjoy delicious bun cha, you can go to No.1 Hang Manh, bun thân phụ Dac Kyên (from 1965). The highlight here is that the ingredients, pork must be fresh banhỏ or armpits, minced then seasoned and grilled on charcoal. Prices range from VND 50,000 lớn VND 60,000 / portion.

3. Cha ca La Vong (La Vong grilled fish)

Coming lớn Hanoi without tasting La Vong grilled fish is really flawed. This dish is interesting at the table where diners will have sầu a small kitchen to keep the fish always hot. Diners will always turn the piece of fish, add a little vegetables lớn accompany, feel lượt thích eating at trang chính that makes the buổi tiệc nhỏ so.


Fish are fried in a small oil pan, each dining table will have a small charcoal stove and fish pan placed on top. Fish served with roasted banh da (rice paper), rice noodles, with roasted peanuts, coriander, basil, dill, freshly chopped onions dipped with shrimp sauce. Shrimp paste must be prepared by squeezing fresh letháng, adding chili, stirring on the effervescence & adding a bit of Ca cuong essential oil, a few drops of White wine, a little grease và sugar.

The dish is rich in sweetness, fatness, fatness of pieces of hemibagrus fish, snake head fish. Diners put onions, dill in the pan and stir well. Put some rice noodle into lớn the bowl, add some peanuts, a stem of herbs, a piece of fish and a few sautéed onions in a steaming hot pan, sprinkle it on a small spoon of shrimp sauce và start enjoying. Each of these things mixed together lớn create the famous taste of Hanoi specialties.

Most foreign tourists coming khổng lồ Hanoi who want to lớn enjoy this dish visit La Vong grilled fish restaurant with over 130 years of business. Grilled fish of La Vong restaurant is mainly made from hemibagrus fish, snake head fish, so the meat is firm & chewy. Pieces of fish chopped moderately, when ripe yellow slightly curly. Crispy at the surface but soft in the middle, marinated to taste and fragrant.


Bowl of fish sauce is not salty, but not svào, but retains the characteristic smell. The fat sweetness of La Vong grilled chopped fish with the aroma of vegetables & the salty of shrimp sauce makes many people crave. The price of a La Vong grilled fish is VND 175,000 per person.

Address: 14 Cha Ca street and 107 Nguyen Truong To. The restaurant on Cha Ca street is tight but it is a facility from the past, and at Nguyen Truong To is cleaner and more spacious, suitable for large groups of people.

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In addition, you can taste La Vong grilled fish at Duong Restaurant at 27 Ngo Huyen or 101 Ma May Street.