10 best local dishes from nha trang


Best food in Nha Trang is the concern of many tourists when they plan a trip lớn Nha Trang. Coming here, you will have a chance lớn enjoy numerous famous specialties which are listed below.

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1. Satisfy your taste buds with the best food in Nha Trang2. The đứng đầu 5 signature Nha Trang foods khổng lồ bring trang chủ as gifts

There are all kinds of best food in Nha Trang for you khổng lồ enjoy (Source: Collected)

It is not enough if you come to lớn Nha Trang just to lớn swim và enjoy the scenery. Nha Trang cuisine will satisfy the taste of every tourist with both main dishes or afternoon snacks. The food here is delicious, nutritious & affordable. When you are in this coastal city, you need lớn try all of the dishes listed below for a complete trip.

1. Satisfy your taste buds with the best food in Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a destination chosen by many tourists for their weekend excursions or holiday vacations. Coming lớn Nha Trang, visitors can not only explore the beautiful scenery but also enjoy various famous specialties. Below are 17 palatable specialties highly recommended for you:

1.1. Nha Trang pancakes

Nha Trang pancakes are made from plain rice flour and cooked directly on a charcoal stove. Various fillings are spread evenly on the surface of the pancake, such as quail egg, shrimp, và squid. It is often enjoyed with scallion oil, shredded mango, herbs và dipped with chili garlic sauce, shumai or fish sauce.

Recommended places for this dish:

Ms. Tua pancake – Group 8, Thap ba zone, Nha TrangPancake shop – No. 19, Le Thanh Ton street, Nha TrangPancake shop – No. 48, Hoang Hoa Tham street, Nha Trang

Pancake is a best food in Nha Trang that you should not miss out on (Source: Collected)

1.2. Dien Khanh steamed rice pancake

Dien Khanh steamed rice pancake with its thin, chewy rice paper topped with fragrant scallion oil is a delicious specialty of Nha Trang cuisine that should not be missed. This dish is served with salted shredded meat, dried onion, pork meatloaf và spicy & sour sauce.

Recommended places for this dish:

Dien Khanh steamed rice pancake – No. 16A, Hong Linh street, Nha TrangMs. Ha steamed rice pancake – 23/10 street, Nha TrangBinh Minh shop – No. 29, Le Dai hanh street, Nha Trang

1.3. Rice paper rolls with grilled fish

If you are too familiar with rice paper rolls with pork, when coming to Nha Trang, you will be suprised by the extremely attractive rice paper rolls with grilled fish. The fish in this dish is delicious, low in fat và has a quite typical flavor. Diners enjoy this dish by rolling the rice paper with a piece of grilled fish, along with vermicelli, herbs, cucumber and dipping it in a bowl of sweet and salty sauce.

Recommended places for this best food in Nha Trang:

Grilled fish shop – No. 59, Lac Thien street, Nha TrangGrilled fish shop – No. 5, thai Nguyen street, Nha Trang

Rice paper rolls with grilled fish is a famous food in Nha Trang that will catch you by surprise (Source: Collected)

1.4. Lac Canh grilled beef

Lac Canh grilled beef has been around for more than 40 years in Nha Trang. The beef heer is cut into bite-sized pieces, marinated with rich spices & grilled directly on a charcoal stove. Each piece of grilled beef is very soft, has a sweet aroma & is served with lettuce, tomato, cucumber & onion.

Recommended place for this dish: No. 44, Nguyen Binh Khiem street, Nha Trang

1.5. Ninh Hoa pork rolls

There are two types of Ninh Hoa pork rolls: sour rolls and grilled rolls, each having its own flavor. The pork roll is grilled on a charcoal stove and constantly flipped until it turns golden & fragrant. This dish is served with deep-fried rice papers, raw vegetables và a special dipping sauce only available in Nha Trang.

Recommended places for this dish:

Dang Van Quyen grilled pork rolls – No. 16A, Lan Ong street, Nha TrangVu Thanh An grilled pork rolls – No. 15, Le Loi street, Nha TrangMs. Sau grilled pork rolls – No. 02, to lớn Vinh Dien street, Nha Trang

Ninh Hoa pork roll is one of Nha Trang best foods that you must definitely try (Source: Collected)

1.6. What to lớn eat in Nha Trang: Apricot fish salad

Apricot fish salad is one of the most attractive specialties in Nha Trang. There are many steps to lớn prepare this dish, from fish selection khổng lồ processing. The apricot fish, after being caught, is cleaned, squeezed with vinegar or lemon juice, cooked, then mixed with fillings và herbs. The feature of this dish is that it is dipped with the same kind of juice made from apricot fish bones.

Recommended places for this dish:

Ms. Hang apricot fish salad – Ho Tung Mau street, Vinh Tho, Nha TrangHa Ra fish salad – No. 66, 2/4 street, Vinh Phuoc, Nha TrangLong Vu Nha Trang snail & seafood shop, No. 30, Thap cha street, Nha Trang

1.7. Binh cha steamed lobsters

Binh bố island attracts tourists with not only its beautiful natural scenery but also irresistible lobster dishes. The lobsters in Binh cha are raised in cages with natural food sources, so their meat is very fragrant and firm. A lobster here often weighs from 1.5 khổng lồ 2 kilograms. Coming khổng lồ Binh Ba, visitors can buy lobsters as gifts or enjoy them with delicious grilled & steamed dishes.

Recommended place for this dish: Binh bố Island


Binh bố lobsters is a seafood in Nha Trang that you can buy as gifts (Source: Collected)

1.8. Jellyfish vermicelli

It would be a waste to lớn come khổng lồ Nha Trang and not try jellyfish vermicelli. The vermicelli with sweet và savory broth, crispy fresh jellyfish and flavorful grilled fish have made this dish a culinary quintessence of the coastal city.

Recommended places for this dish:

Han Thuyen jellyfish & fish vermicelli – No. 24, Han Thuyen street, Nha TrangNguyen Loan jellyfish & fish vermicelli – No. 123, Ngo Gia Tu street, Nha TrangBe Cay tê mê jellyfish vermicelli – No.8, Cu đưa ra street, Nha Trang

1.9. Grilled fish noodles

Grilled fish noodles is a rustic & popular Nha Trang specialty. A bowl of this dish consists of tapioca flour noodles, pickled grilled fish, herbs, green onions and, especially, an indispensable bowl of delicious green chili sauce.

Recommended places for this best food in Nha Trang:

Ms. Lien grilled fish noodles – No. 26, Nui Mot street, Nha TrangHong cửa hàng – No. 42, Nguyen bầu Hoc street, Nha TrangMs. Dong grilled fish noodles – Alley 102, Nguyen Trai street, Nha TrangMs. Cuoi shop – No. 07, Bach Dang street, Nha Trang

Grilled fish noodles is one of Nha Trang best local foods (Source: Collected)

1.10. Grilled fish vermicelli

A grilled fish vermicelli dish is a blend of many ingredients including: soft vermicelli, steamed grilled fish, fried grilled fish, pickled tuna, fresh jellyfish and sweet broth.

Recommended places for this dish:

Ms. Tía fish vermicelli – No. 123, Yersin street, Nha TrangHanh Nhien fish vermicelli – No. 61, Trinh Phong street, Nha TrangNinh Hoa fish vermicelli – No. 170, Bach Dang street, Nha Trang

1.11. Jelly flan

Jelly flan is an attractive và nutritious dessert loved by many young people in Nha Trang. The combination of the traditional flan & the modern jelly, along with a little coconut milk, coffee or condensed milk, will surely satisfy you at the first try.

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Recommended places for this dish:

Jelly flan shop – No. 241, Thong Nhat street, Phuong Sai, Nha TrangJelly flan shop – No. 07, Thap ba street, Vinh Tho, Nha TrangMilano trang chủ coffee shop – No. 12, Bach Dang street, Phuoc Tien, Nha Trang

Jelly flan will satisfy your taste buds as a best food in Nha Trang (Source: Collected)

2. The đứng top 5 signature Nha Trang foods lớn bring trang chủ as gifts

2.1. Dried seaweed

Nha Trang dried seaweed is a nutritious low-fat dish which is suitable for dieters. According khổng lồ many scientific studies, seaweed is extremely good for children and pregnant women. This best food in Nha Trang is chosen by a lot of tourists as gifts on their trip.

2.2. Squid with tamarind sauce

Squid with tamarind sauce with its spicy, salty and chewy flavor is a peculiar dish in Nha Trang. It can satisfy any diner at the first try. This dish can be enjoyed with trắng rice or used as a bar snack. Visitors khổng lồ Nha Trang can visit shops specializing in seafood in Dam market lớn buy this specialty.


Squid with tamarind sauce is perfect for you to bring a taste of Nha Trang cuisine back home (Source: Collected)

2.3. Dried seahorse

Dried seahorse is a one-of-a-kind specialty that is extremely suitable lớn be bought as gifts for relatives & friends. Dried seahorse, according khổng lồ Oriental Medicine, helps regulate blood, kidneys, reproductive organs, và enhance physiological health for both men & women. In Nha Trang, dried seahorses are sold in pairs. Prices depend on the weight or kích thước of the seahorses.

2.4. Salanganes’ nest

Salanganes’ nest is known as a “royal food” in Nha Trang. This specialty is rich in nutrients and very easily absorbed. Salanganes’ nests are often bought as a gift from tourists for their relatives.


Salanganes’ nest is known as a “royal food” in Nha Trang (Source: Collected)

2.5. Green chili salt sauce

Nha Trang green chili salt sauce is often used lớn be served with delicious seafood. The mild sour taste of lemon, along with a little spicy flavor of Siamese chili, can stimulate taste buds immensely. Although it is just a seasoning, green chili salt sauce has gained its position as a best food in Nha Trang.

2.6. Nha Trang fish sauce

Nha Trang fish sauce is a high-protein fish sauce with a light sweet taste, beautiful yellow color and characteristic smell. This specialty has been authorized by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam for mass production. The sauce is made from anchovies caught in the deep ocean areas of Vietnam, so it is very tasty and attractive.

3. Where khổng lồ explore Nha Trang cuisine và buy specialities?

Nha Trang specialty shops

To buy Nha Trang specialties, visitors can come some reputable shops such as:

Khanh Hoa SEAVY specialty cửa hàng – No. 48A, Nguyen Thi đường minh khai street, rã Lap, Nha TrangNgoc Linh Nha Trang specialty shop – Apartment building G16, Dam market, Xuong Huan, Nha TrangVy Loan Nha Trang dried seafood – ​​No. 29, Nguyen Trai street, Phuoc Tan, Nha Trang

At these shops, all kinds of dried seafood, squid, seaweed, & sauces are sold with good unique and affordable prices.


You can buy best food in Nha Trang as gifts in a lot of shops & markets here (Source: Collected)

Dam Market – One of the best places khổng lồ eat in Nha Trang

Address: Ben đến zone, Van Thanh ward, Nha Trang

In addition to lớn the above suggested specialty shops, tourists can also visit Dam market, where there is an area specializing in local dishes for you to lớn choose from.

Coming lớn Dam market & moving to the right side of the market, visitors will definitely feel the urge khổng lồ buy chất lượng Nha Trang specialties such as rice paper, chili salt, grilled fish, fish sauce, etc. In addition, in this area, many delicious hot vermicelli dishes are also available for enjoyment.

Nha Trang Night Market

Currently in Nha Trang, there are a total of 4 markets in operation, including: Tran Phu, Tue Tinh, Yasaka 9 và Tropicana Shopping. These markets are mở cửa from 6 p.m khổng lồ 11 p.m daily. Walking around these night markets, you will come across specialty areas where you can easily choose to lớn buy the best food in Nha Trang as gifts for family & friends after the trip.


Tran Phu Night Market: No. 46, Tran Phu street, Nha TrangTue Tinh Night Market: Tue Tinh street, Nha TrangYasaka 9 Night Market: Tran Phu street, Nha TrangTropicana Shopping: Tran Phu street, Nha Trang

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There are two things that should not be missed when you travel lớn this coastal city: the beautiful scenery and the best food in Nha Trang. Besides attractive destinations, Nha Trang specialties are also an indispensable feature of the đô thị that attracts countless tourists here each year.

Hopefully with the suggestions of 17 dishes above, you will have a memorable trip and a chance khổng lồ fully discover Nha Trang cuisine. Book voucher, combo, tour to lớn Nha Trang to satisfy your taste buds with the food here và book tickets of nethuerestaurant.com.vn Nha Trang to lớn immerse yourself in lots of fun here!