Alagon Zen Hotel & Spa


A dream-like gem in the very centre of Saigon. With 116 modern , trendy và stylish rooms, Alagon Zen Hotel và Spa leads the way in imaginative sầu and creative interior thiết kế. Located in the centre of Ho Chi Minc City và close to Ben Thanh khô Market, Opera House, War Museum, Independance Palace... the khách sạn is at the heart of this buzzing thành phố.Hoang Hai Long hotels group was founded và managed by a family leadership for nearly 10 years, recently changed its name to Alagon Hotels & Spa Group in accordance with a rapid expansion and reputation throughout VietnamAlagon Hotels và Spa Group is a local hotel business which owns a portfolio of established và diverse khách sạn brands, including Alagon Central Hotels & Spage authority, Alagon Saigon Hotel & Spa, Alagon City Hotel và Spage authority, Alagon Western Hotel, Alagon D’Antique Hotel và Spa và the Alagon Zen Hotel và Spage authority approximately 1,000 guest roomsOur properties are located in the most desirable, truly unbeatable locations in Ho Chi Minh City, upscale 3 and 4 star, positioned as a full-service lifestyle khách sạn . Each khách sạn in the portfolio offers value for money accommodation with exceptionally comfortable rooms, modern facilities và friendly, welcoming staff. With spirit to serve our guests we are passionate about all that we vị, with both our guests and our dedicated teamAlagon Hotels và Spage authority Group is under its management a full range of sophisticated services from sales & marketing through lớn finance, human resources, công nghệ solution and asset management


Deluxe cộ Double No Window - Rooftop Sauna và Jacuzzi Included

Free Wi-Fi1 queen bedRoom size: 22 m²/237 ft²Shower and bathtub.

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Deluxe cộ Double Room - Rooftop Saumãng cầu và Jacuzzi Included

Free Wi-Fi1 queen bedRoom size: 25 m²/269 ft²Non-smokingShower.


Deluxe Twin Room - Rooftop Saumãng cầu & Jacuzzi Included

Free Wi-Fi2 single bedsRoom size: 25 m²/269 ft²Bathtub.

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Premier Deluxe cộ Twin Room - Rooftop Sauna và Jacuzzi Included

Free Wi-FiRoom size: 28 m²/301 ft²City viewNon-smokingShower và bathtub.

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Executive City View with Sofa - Rooftop Saumãng cầu & Jacuzzi Included

Free Wi-Fi1 king bedRoom size: 32 m²/344 ft²City viewNon-smokingShower và bathtubExecutive lounge access.